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Contemporary Theatre Review

Volume 24, Issue 4, 2014

Special Issue:   A Controversial Company: Debating the Casting of the RSC's The Orphan of Zhao

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Backpages 24.4

Backpages 24.4

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Rachel Clements & Marilena Zaroulia

pages 530-546


Backpages is an opportunity for the academy to engage with theatre and performance practice with immediacy and insight and for theatre workers and performance artists to engage critically and reflectively on their work and the work of their peers. Featuring short, topical articles and debates, polemics where necessary, it’s a place of intellectual intervention and creative reflection. It’s also where we hope to articulate, perhaps for the first time, the work of new and rising theatre artists in an academic forum. This issue of Backpages begins with a special section on Jacques Derrida and considerations of his theories in relationship to live performance co-edited by Rachel Clements and Marilena Zaroulia.

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  • Published online: 21 Oct 2014

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