Vol 2, No 2 (2016)

Art and finance

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2218/finsoc.v2i2

2 2 2016

Table of Contents


Introduction: Art and finance PDF HTML
Gerald Nestler, Suhail Malik 94-95

Research articles

Contemporary art, capitalization and the blockchain: On the autonomy and automation of art’s value PDF HTML
Laura Lotti 96-110
Shared stakes, distributed investment: Socially engaged art and the financialization of social impact PDF HTML
Emily Rosamond 111-26


Contemporary art and financialization: Two approaches PDF HTML
Victoria Ivanova 127-37
Terminal value: Building the alternative Bloomberg PDF HTML
Christopher Wood, Alasdair King, Ruth Catlow, Brett Scott 138-50


Plotting the art market: An interview with Clare McAndrew PDF HTML
Clare McAndrew, Suhail Malik, Gerald Nestler 151-67

Artists' statements

Diagrams and algorithms PDF HTML
Paolo Cirio 168-72
The Institute for Southern Contemporary Art (ISCA) PDF HTML
João Enxuto, Erica Love 173-74
The Institute for Southern Contemporary Art (ISCA) FILM
João Enxuto, Erica Love N/A
Everything is always (the liquid protocol) PDF HTML
Whisper - Status code: No entity found FILM
Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler N/A
Dynamic global infrastructure: The freeport as value chain PDF HTML
Kathleen Ditzig, Robin Lynch, Debbie Ding 180-88

Review forum

The necessity of multi-disciplinary scholarship for finance: On Ayache and Roffe PDF HTML
Timothy C. Johnson 189-204
Response to Johnson: A random sample versus the radical event PDF HTML
Elie Ayache 205-16
Model hagiography: A reply to Johnson and Munger on probability, philosophy and transcendental argumentation PDF HTML
Jon Roffe 217-24