Occasional Papers


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LIVE brings together three scripts and one score written by Janice Kerbel over the last ten years. While each is a text for a performative work, this collection treats notation as form, and highlights how language lies at the heart of Kerbel’s practice.

Performative works assembled in this book are Nick Silver Can’t Sleep, a radio play for insomniacs in the voices of six nocturnal plants; Kill the Workers!, a play for stage lights inspired by dramatic narrative and executed solely with theatrical lighting; Doug, a live vocal performance of nine songs for six voices; and Ballgame, a recorded radio announcement of a baseball game conceived by mathematical averages.

Co-published by Art Museum, University of Toronto, Canada; Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany; The Polygon Gallery, Vancouver, Canada; and Occasional Papers.

Janice Kerbel
170 × 240 mm, 120 pp.
Soft cover, black and white
ISBN 978-0-9954730-0-3

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