The Gratitude Enquiry


Over the last 3  years I have been working on projects that spring from an exploration of ideas about gratitude, and how this expresses relationships with others, the world, and ourselves.

In 2020 I’m launching Breaks & Joins, an investigation into repair as an act of resistance.As part of the R & D we are delighted to be part of the Being Human Festival, and we are currently preparing community based creative workshops to develop spoken word, installation, podcasts and film.

Film maker Chuck Blue Lowry and I are crowdsourcing short films from people who are repairing something at home. these can be successful or unsuccessful, and we invite you to tell  us about what you are mending and why, and answer the question: Can everything be mended?

The call out for films can be found here.

Why Gratitude?

Sociology and Psychology researchers are increasingly interested in gratitude, as an emotion and a moral value. Without it people are often isolated from one another and from their environment. Since arts work is so often dependent on and a facilitator of connectivity and belonging, this three-year enquiry aims to bring together academic research and action research to understand how being able to be thankful is so key to our well being.

The three projects I have completed  are….

I live in it

A performance project working with community performers from 14 to 85 years old.
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This project is built on the practice of bread making. The ritual of yeast-based bread…. will provide both the stepping off point for gathering material, and the structure of the performance itself.  At the Ovalhouse in September 2016
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Fan Mail

This is a chance to write to say thank you to people we haven’t thanked. They can be alive or dead, they can be people we know or celebrities. Part of the Sydenham Festival 2016:
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