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This is a great radio programme about the development of the Stich n Bitch network through the internet, and the relationship between crafts and programming. Lisa Williams says knitting is 'reverse engineering of clothing', and describes the construction of garments from a single piece of string, she says:
"Knitting gives me a lot of respect for my ancestors as hackers, Knitting is source code - you look at a knitting pattern - that's the code for a sweater. As we industrialise, more and more of the world we experience comes in a black box. We know how to use things but we don't know how they work. I've been de-black boxing my wardrobe."
Open Source Radio on PRI July 28 2005 Knitting Stitch n Bitch
Podcasts for Knitters

Guille, Jackie (2007) 'Success is a Journey... not a Destination' Wednesday 14th March Inaugaral Lecture, Northumbria University, UK.

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Access Space
Ele Carpenter
Iain Clark
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Crochet Coral Reef
The Institute For Figuring is crocheting a coral reef: a woolly celebration of the intersection of higher geometry and feminine handicraft, and a testimony to the disappearing wonders of the marine world.

Open Source Software for Cross Stitch
McSherry (2006). Anonymity Preserved for Online Embroidery Fans. Electronic Frontier Foundation, September 14th 2006. Available at:

Day & Buckle (1900) Art in Needlework

The Sporadic Packrat
Lifehacker Open Source Gift Guide
Ele Weekend
HUMlab Workers

Gender Stitchery, Carlton College Art Gallery

Interviews about Open Source Embroidery
Ceci Moss interview with Ele Carpenter, 2009, Rhizome
Emma Hallberg interview with Ele Carpenter, 2007, BBC Wear
Jess Laccetti interview with Ele Carpenter, 2006, Furtherfield

Knitting and Quilting in Sheffield
The Patchwork Garden Shop
Stocksbridge Knit and Chatter

Further Reading
Minahan, Stella Julie Wolfram Cox (2007)'Stitch'nBitch: Cyberfeminism, a Third Place and the New Materiality.' In: Journal of Material Culture , Vol. 12, (No. 1, 5-21) DOI: 10.1177/1359183507074559.

Schleiner, Anne-Marie (2003) 'Curation fluidities and oppositions among curators, filter feeders, and future artists.' Intelligent Agent, 3 (1).

Digital Divide Network