Bare Code: Net Art and the Free Software Movement’

Berry, Josephine. 2002. Bare Code: Net Art and the Free Software Movement’. on the occasion of the NetArtCommons exhibition, Gallery 9/ Walker Art, [Article]

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In September 1999, the GNU/Linux operating system was awarded a prize by the jury of the art and technology festival Ars Electronica. This award - for the‘.net’ category - converted a computer operating system, developed throughopen collaboration, into an artwork. Setting aside the question of the jury’sDuchampian gesture of nominating a tool of production as a work of art, theevent could be said to signal the popularisation of the analogy, now frequently drawn, between avant-garde art practice and free software production. Thisanalogy insists upon the recognition that the activities of making art and softwareare both defined by the necessarily collective nature of creative and intellectualproduction.

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Centre for Cultural Studies (1998-2017)



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