Extensive Continuum Towards a Rhythmic Anarchitecture

Parisi, Luciana and Goodman, Steve. 2009. Extensive Continuum Towards a Rhythmic Anarchitecture. Inflexions, 2, [Article]

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The fluidification of the Euclidean spatial matrix has resulted in the implementation of topological models of spatiality, the temporal continuity between shapes and places. In particular, as recently argued, algorithmic architecture stops time from being spatialized into successive segments, opening static forms to temporal variations derived from open programming . [1] Here the geometrical point is no longer a fixed position on a uni-directional line, but an algorithmic calculus demarcating a curvature between points, a spatio-temporal deformation that cannot be observed but only experienced. For instance, open programming explains how computation needs to be completed by experience, adding unpredictable variations to the algorithmic calculus. An open programming therefore here defines how the calculation of possibilities is always already incomplete or to be completed by biophysical experience, intended as sensorimotor perception or embodied perception. This algorithmic point is, borrowing from Bernard Cache, an inflection of linear time and geometric space. Generative architecture, despite being criticised for its exclusive focus on unbuilt forms, has, it is argued, introduced real time into design. [2] In particular, such time has been associated to an experience of duration resonating with Henri Bergson's critique of the scientific, geometric and the intellectual distortion of time. Such temporality is not only deployed by the evolutionary character of algorithmic patterns, composing new forms out of the interaction with pre-programmed instructions, but is also complicated by audio-visual and sensori-motor interactive feedbacks adding new, un-programmed temporalities to data-based information.

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