Yellow Rhythms. A Roundabout for London

Weizman, Eyal. 2000. Yellow Rhythms. A Roundabout for London. Rotterdam: nai010. ISBN 978-90-6450-392-4 [Book]

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This book, conceived as a project at the Architectural Association in London, leads a narrative through a series of architectural drawings, texts and images. At its core lies an urban proposal for the transformation of one of London's biggest and most congested traffic intersections, Vauxhall Cross, into a giant cross-Thames roundabout. In this book episodes of urban life, political measures and financial strategies contrast with the architectural and urban proposals that are weaved into its form. An allegorical reading of the rhythm of the junction's traffic control system structures the book: green, yellow and red episodes alternate with one another in a repetitive succession and use Levebvre's analytical system of 'Rhythmanalysis' to interpret contemporary London as a force-field of rhythms with different scales and durations. Those rhythms, by which the social, political and economic powers manifest themselves, are shown to act upon the site and the individuals within it. If the rhythm of the traffic lights stands for a system of successive incidents, the transformation of the site into a roundabout suggests continuous flow capable of liberating and utilizing these urban forces. The book ends therefore by suggesting a strategic proposal in which the inner area of the roundabout becomes a laboratory, a speculative arena for the testing of alternative urban futures.

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May 2000

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