Tecnologies de la violència

Craighead, Alison and Thomson, Jon. 2016. Tecnologies de la violència. In: "Tecnologies de la violència", Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona,, Spain, 18/10/2016-08/01/2017. [Show/Exhibition]

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Creators: Craighead, Alison and Thomson, Jon
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TECHNOLOGIES OF VIOLENCE explores the critical relations between art and the contemporary production of violence and the digital technologies, as well as the techniques that power uses to impose itself through violence. Technology, as a system used to organise, service and control power, finds, in its machines, in Internet and electronic systems, tools for world dominance that, after World War Two and during the Cold War, led to the emergence of a “new era in political security”, according to Ralf Fücks, director of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, in a publication entitled Hich-Tech-Kriege (High-Tech Wars). Control of the air and cyberspace and “control of terror”, identified by theorists like Peter Sloterdijk, Marc Augé, Jutta Weber, Herfried Münkler, Constanze Kurz and Paul Virilio, is the goal of the great powers, including governments, companies and terrorist groups, which use sophisticated technology to establish their war zones, generate chaos and seize local and global dominance: anonymous, remote controlled killing by electronic operations; advanced development of cameras, drones and sensors; autonomous computer combat systems; satellite surveillance; and preventive security policies, police control, the killing and forced displacement of people. TECHNOLOGIES OF VIOLENCE meditates on the shape that violence takes in the collective imagination, on the iconography and symbology of the media and entertainment industry, and the different ways in which the war industry produces, consumes and uses images (cartoons, video games, software and so on). Moreover, taking up the ideas of Foucault, Achille Mbembe and Subhabrata Banerjee about biopolitics, “necropolitics” and “necrocapitalism” as a global system of death production, the exhibition also looks at the forms of insubordination that artists have worked on since the 2000s, as well as the so-called GWOT (Global War on Terrorism) and the implosion of the neocapitalist system after the failure of the great systems of ideological “redemption”. Participating artists: PEGGY AHWESH MAJA BAJEVIC ALICIA FRAMIS REGINA JOSÉ GALINDO MARIAM GHANI ELNAZ JAVANI ENRIC MAURÍ TIM PARCHIKOV PAOLO PEDERCINI MOLLEINDUSTRIA LARISSA SANSOUR SEAN SNYDER EDDO STERN THOMSON & CRAIGHEAD ZHOU XIAO HU

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Keywords: art, a short film about war, thomson, craighead, desktop documentary, arts santa monica, Technologies of Violence
Departments, Centres and Research Units: Art
Date range: 18/10/2016-08/01/2017
Related URL: http://www.thomson-craighead.net/warfilm.html
Event Location: Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona,, Spain
Item ID: 20862
Date Deposited: 08 Aug 2017 13:01
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