From the State to the World? Badiou and Anti-Capitalism

Toscano, Alberto. 2004. From the State to the World? Badiou and Anti-Capitalism. Communication and Cognition, 37(3-4), pp. 199-224. ISSN 03780880 [Article]

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In the most complete statement of his doctrine to date, Being and Event,
Alain Badiou proposes to think the pivotal character, for any thinking of
subjectivation, of the immeasurabl e excess of the State (or repres entation) of an
ontological situation over the (pres entation of) the situation itself. In his
“metapolitical” refl ections, Badiou accordingly tries to formulate a thinking of
politics no longer bound to a systemic dialectics of dest ruction – of the sort that
charact erised his earlier, Maoist writings – but rather defined by the concepts of
“distance” and “subtraction”. In light of a number of statements on the topi c of
capitalism made in Badiou’s recent work, this paper tri es to determine whether
the guiding traits of Capital in any way disturb the formul ation of Badiou’s
ontology and metapolitics. On the basis of a discussion of the differential
articulation of Capital and Stat e, it then tries to assay the pertinence of some of
Badiou’s work-in-progress on the “logi cs of worlds” for a thinking of the
specificity of anti-capitalist, as opposed to anti-State, politics.

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Capital, anti-capitalism, state, world, sovereignty, singularity, excrescence, distance, Harvey, Agamben, Negri

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