Bad Music Seminar—The Sounds of Plants

Harris, Mark. 2016. Bad Music Seminar—The Sounds of Plants. In: "Uptool–Expanded Art History for Plants", University of Illinois at Chicago—Greenhouse and Plant Research Lab, United States, 11 May, 2016. [Performance]

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Creators: Harris, Mark
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Bad Music on vinyl and about plants, played in the context of organisers Aaron Walker and Chris Reeves outline—
The fourth installment of Expanded Art History for Plants sails around Sir Thomas More’s island of Utopia, attempting to wrap its head around the idea that we will never know what More actually sounded like. What more (or More), critical consensus has never been reached on just what More meant of the Utopia island’s musical entertainment section: Musica Reservata. What IS agreed upon, however, is that whatever this music is, it is something new: a relationship between words and sound, symbolic expression & artistry unheard of. Imagining that More’s Utopia band were to be present today, what might they sound like? EAHFP #4 anchors into the sand, sets up speakers, and attempts to deliver an aural equivalent of the sound of Utopia in all its contemporary glory.
Records played include—
Harry Merry—Village Life in 1905 (2005)
Arcesia—Leaf (Reachin’, 1971)
Pastor John Rydgren—Dark Side of the Flower (from Silhouette Segments, originally 1968)
Rodd Keith—Stroll Through the Wildflowers (late 1960s?)
Dorothy Retallack’s 1973 The Sound of Music and Plants

Departments, Centres and Research Units: Art
Date range: 11 May, 2016
Event Location: University of Illinois at Chicago—Greenhouse and Plant Research Lab, United States
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Date Deposited: 08 Jan 2018 12:52
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