Thirteen Points, Expanded (Single Channel Video Installation)

Kreider, Kristen and O'Leary, James. 2016. Thirteen Points, Expanded (Single Channel Video Installation). In: "Wayfaring", &Model, United Kingdom, 26 April - 4 June 2016. [Show/Exhibition]

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Creators: Kreider, Kristen and O'Leary, James
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In its version as a single channel video installation, Thirteen Points, Expanded, has three separate but related components. The main architectural element in the space is a 2.2 metre high linear partition of Aluminium sheeting that divides the space into two distinct elements. The sheeting is mounted on a timber framework and perforated with lazer-cut openings that allow a certain visual transparency from one side of the partition to another. The lazer-cut figures in the partition are scale drawings of the network of 13 clusters of ‘peacewalls’ across Belfast. The second element is a collection of 13 ChromaLuxe Photographic Prints on Aluminium that are hung at eye-level on the adjacent walls of the Gallery. Each photograph documents the conditions of particular sites or situations that relate to the 13 clusters of ‘peacewalls’ in Belfast. The final element in the space is a single channel video work, displayed on a Large HD Video screen that sits on the floor and is enclosed within a Black Steel frame. This 12min looped video work mixes historical and contemporary footage recorded in ‘interface areas’ in Belfast with text sequences from fieldwork documentary records. The video colour is hyper-saturated, such that the glow of the screen projects various colours into the space, with a repeated emphasis on the colours Red, Blue, Green and Orange.

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Curated by Laura White

&Model, Leeds
29 April 2016 – 4 June 2016

Group show with Laura White, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Kreider+O'Leary, Zoë Mendelson

Wayfaring, curated by Laura White in collaboration with &Model Leeds, looks at the territory White shares with other artists whose work asks similar questions around ‘how things come about’ and who also travel across disciplines, as writers, researchers, educators, makers, crafts-people, film-makers, architects, poets...
“In wayfaring ... things are instantiated in the world as their paths of movement, not as objects located in space. They are their stories. Here it is the movement itself that counts, not the destination it connects. Indeed, wayfaring always overshoots its destinations, since wherever you may be at any particular moment, you are already on your way somewhere else.”

(Tim Ingold, Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description)

In the fluid movement between investigations and disciplines, processes are revealed uncompromisingly and are always open to further possibilities. This is evident in various ways in this exhibition – film that does not distinguish from its auditions; objects that are the process; architecture that navigates across physical space, documentation and poetic narrative; drawings that belong on no defined surface.

Materials drive the process as much as the artist handling them, so that what is being used (film, video, architecture, words, leather, clay, paper, photography) occupies intelligent material space in both digital and real environments. There is no separation between the hand and the mind in the production of the works, where thinking through making and understanding by doing is at the core.

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Keywords: Peace lines
Departments, Centres and Research Units: Art
Date range: 26 April - 4 June 2016
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Event Location: &Model, United Kingdom
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Date Deposited: 14 Nov 2018 16:01
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