HA HA! OuDePo Volume 1

Rosenberg, Terry E.; Conreen, Martin; Rossouw, Stacey; Currell, Georgia; Poon, Charis; Hall, Sean and Waller, Michael, eds. 2020. HA HA! OuDePo Volume 1. London: OuDePo. ISBN 9781527255135 [Edited Book]

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The OuDePo was formed to initiate a pataphysical curriculum in order to have a ‘ludo-critical’ purchase on design and designing; and, in particular, the part design plays in enacting deleterious neo-liberal programmes (harming the natural world and producing iniquitous and hurtful social (dis)order).

This publication outlines the thought behind the pataphysical design curriculum of the OuDePo, it includes a number of essays and also contains a record and description of the ‘seriously ludic’ project work of 13 ouvroirs (workshops) which were formed in the course of the project (viz. ‘Pataphysical Responses to some of the most

Urgent and Intractable Problems of our Age’).

The project ran from 10 Palotin146 to to 28 Gidouille 146 (Poche du Père Ubu).

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Edited Book

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Project leads
Terry Rosenberg (TER)
Martin Coreen (MJC)

Contributing Tutors
Sean Hall (SH)
Duncan Fairfax

Additional Workshops run by:
Mike Waller (MW)
Roberto Feo
Stuart Bannocks

Publication Designers
Georgia Currell
Stacey Rossouw

Publication Editors
Terry Rosenberg
Stacey Rossouw

Copy Editor
Charis Poon (CP)

Ouvroir 1, Thaumaturgical
Yujyun Guo
Minkyung Lee
Yang Liu
Jiawei Li

Ouvroir 2, Risible Natural
Law & Chimerical Physics
Tajwar Aziz
Stacey Rossouw
Fiorella Moreno Pastor

Ouvroir 3, Ethical Botany
and Cultivated Elysiums
Wei Peng
Yaoyao Tang
Keer Wei

Ouvroir 4, Eudaimonicology
and Well-Being Studies
Jiayi Ling
Taylor Syring
Yixin Sun

Ouvroir 5, Tall Tales, Pseudo-
Histories and Lubricious
Matilde Rasmussen
Tom Oaten
Ghaith Nassar

Ouvroir 6, Antlantological
Studies and Neo-scenes of
Supra-worldly Dwelling
Yun Chao
Chia Chi Ling
Mingyi Liu

Ouvroir 7, Romantic Gestures
and the Paralogics of Love
Georgia Currell
Birgit Frietman
Charis Poon

Ouvroir 8, Empathicological
Eugenia Sist
Xiaoyu Liu
Weixin Zhou

Ouvroir 9, Colonial Substruction
and Post-Colonial Vapours
Yuxin Guo
Tianyi Zhao

Ouvroir 10, Conciliatory Utopias
and Chauvinistic Pilgrimages
Kyunghwa Jung
Youngsang Kim
Saeheon Kim
Daye Song

Ouvroir 11, Conspiracism
and Social Paranoia
Rishav Chandra
Tanishia Rane
Yu-Chun Yeh

Ouvroir 12, Gaze Détournement
Jinni Gao

Ouvroir 13, Humour Calculus
Ruyu Yan


Pataphysics, Design, OuDePo,

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February 2020

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07 Jan 2020 16:47

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28 Apr 2021 08:51



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