An Archive of Aspirations

Gray, Ros. 2010. An Archive of Aspirations. Jornal do Atelier Real, pp. 11-12. [Article]

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For a few brief years in the late 1970s and early 1980s Mozambique was a key site on the global map of revolutionary cinema. Immediately after independence in 1975 the Instituto Nacional de Cinema was set up by the revolutionary government and it quickly because a focal point for militant filmmakers internationally. It was a site where various experiments were carried out into how film might act as an agent of radical social change. Cinema was to be part of an international cultural front against capitalist imperialism, but it was also harnessed to a local project of decolonization – to teach people the meaning of ‘independence’ and to build a different kind of specifically Mozambican revolutionary modernity. The vast majority of people swept up in this radical process had no prior experience of the moving image. It was, therefore a unique and unrepeatable moment when cinema was at the centre of a movement that would, in Amilcar Cabral’s words, make ‘Africa the vanguard of the world’. What survives of the archive re-animates the moment when Mozambique was at the heart of revolutionary hope. It gives evidence of a different kind of globalization, one woven out of connections and hopes lived and dreamed through cinema.

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