Instituting Feminism

Reckitt, Helena and Richter, Dorothee, eds. 2021. Instituting Feminism, OnCurating, (52). 2673-2955 [Edited Journal]

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"Instituting Feminism,” this issue of OnCurating, reflects on the efforts of curators, artists, and community organisers to move beyond identifying inequities in the cultural industries to devising tools that can foster structural change. Exploring how curators have developed projects informed by feminist politics and aesthetics, contributors also look beyond representational formats to highlight the infrastructures and co-dependencies upon which cultural production relies. They understand that feminism’s integration into the mainstream art world has been accompanied by a tokenistic “pink-washing,” and thus raise questions about the terms under which gestures of “inclusion” and “participation” occur. Envisaging feminist instituting as an active, relational practice, articles discuss curatorial, artistic, and organisational initiatives that seek to forge alliances with struggles for ecological and social transformation. The projects and perspectives represented here foreground the need for new subjectivities, caring alliances, and support structures that offer alternatives to toxic contemporary labour conditions, including those endemic to art and curating. They hold out promise for more equitable and reciprocal ways of working, producing, and coexisting.

Contents List:
Helena Reckitt and Dorothee Richter, 'Editorial: Instituting Feminism'


Angela Dimitrakaki and Nizan Shaked, 'Feminism, Instituting, and the Politics of Recognition in Global Capitalism

Nanne Buurman, 'From Prison Guard to Healer: Curatorial Subjectivities in the Context of Gendered Economies'

Secretariat for Ghosts, 'Archival Politics and Gaps (SKGAL)
Dear Sibila: We are Freelance Feminist Instituting from our Homes, Aren’t You?'

Dorothee Richter, 'Spoiler Alert: Instituting Feminism Will Not Work Without a Fight'

SECTION 2: Theory into Practice: Feminist Instituting Then and Now

Emelie Chhangur interviewed by Jennifer Fisher, 'Institutional Inreach as a Feminist Curatorial Methodology'

Husseina Hamza, Joyce Jacca, Tracey Jarrett, and Janna Graham, 'Instituting and Organising “From the Pockets”: A Field Report from a Museum in the Making'

la Sala (Alba Colomo & Lucy Lopez), 'cultivating la Sala: instituting from the kitchen table'

Adele Patrick, 'Digging Deep: Leadership, Learning, and Endurance. A Conversation between Nandita Gandhi, Althea Greenan, Merete Ipsen, and Adele Patrick'

Alex Martinis Roe and Helena Reckitt, 'Relationality in Feminist Collective Practice'

Cornelia Sollfrank, 'The Art of Getting Organized. A Different Approach to Old Boys Network'

Berit Fischer, 'Mestiza Consciousness and Sentipensamiento—Ontologies for a Feminist Instituting'


Romane Bernard, Sofia Cecere, Thelma Gaster, Jeanne Guillou, Barbara Lefebvre, Séraphine Le Maire, Oksana Luyssen, Rose Moreau, Jeanne Porte, Laurence Rassel, and Miska Tokarek, 'Now Imagine That We Are a Village'

Ann Sutherland Harris, Daria Khan, Rosa Martínez, Camille Morineau, Maura Reilly, and Catherine de Zegher, 'Feminist Curating as Curatorial Activism: A Roundtable'

Ève Chabanon, Anna Colin, and Madeleine Planeix-Crocker, 'Crossed Perspectives on Collaboration'

Erin L. McCutcheon, 'When in Doubt… Ask: Feminists Take on the Museum Retrospective'

Sharlene Khan, 'A Sense of Belonging—Natasha Becker’s Black Feminist Radical Love Curatorial Practice'

The Two Talking Yonis, 'Women Themed Exhibitions: Aaargh! “Aaargh!”'

Elena Zaytseva, 'A Box of Her Own: On the Affective Power of Russian Art Archives'

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Edited Journal

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Contributors: Romane Bernard, Nanne Buurman, Sofia Cecere, Ève Chabanon, Emelie Chhangur, Anna Colin, Angela Dimitrakaki, Berit Fischer, Jennifer Fisher, Thelma Gaster, Nandita Ghandi, Janna Graham, Althea Greenan, Jeanne Guillou, Husseina Hamza, Merete Ipsen, Joyce Jacca, Tracey Jarrett, Daria Khan, Sharlene Khan, La Sala (Alba Colomo and Lucy Lopez), Barbara Lefebvre, Séraphine Le Maire, Oksana Luyssen,Rosa Martínez, Alex Martinis Roe, Erin McCutcheon, Rose Moreau, Camille Morineau, Adele Patrick, Madeleine Planeix-Crocker, Jeanne Porte, Laurence Rassel, Helena Reckitt, Maura Reilly, Dorothee Richter, Secretariat for Ghosts, Archival Politics and Gaps (SKGAL), Nizan Shaked, Cornelia Sollfrank, Ann Sutherland Harris, The Two Talking Yonis, Miska Tokarek, Elena Zaytseva, Catherine de Zegher

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1 November 2021

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30 Mar 2023 15:54

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