Erotics of Deconstruction: Auto-Affection After Derrida

Turner, Lynn, ed. 2024. Erotics of Deconstruction: Auto-Affection After Derrida. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. [Edited Book] (Forthcoming)

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Erotics of Deconstruction takes advantage of over a decade of publications from Derrida’s seminars to the Virtual Library to creatively demonstrate the deep material enquiry of deconstruction into the living in general. It activates psychoanalysis without the long-embedded philosophical trajectory that forged the human, psychic life and sexuality as categorically distinct from ‘the animal’ (inherent to the dialectical Lacanian model). It activates new conversations with Derrida’s feminist contemporaries as they encounter pressing questions in current critical thought. From the larger frame of ‘life death’ and the broadest autoaffective relation of inside to outside to the difficult to grasp interface of conceptual and sensible, Erotics of Deconstruction does not retreat to a reparative life force or erotics of the good but includes the unsettling friction of an originary relation to violence. Parsed by means of case studies from literature, philosophy and visual culture, erotics in this volume lap at every edge.

1. Lapping it up: an introduction for these erotics of deconstruction - Lynn Turner

Section 1: Procreativity

2. Letters to Come: Jacques Derrida’s Epistolary Jouissance - Nicholas Royle
3. EroSOPHIA’s Hands - Kyoo Lee
4. Saying a Lucid Yes: an ecstatic transbody writes - Quinn Eades
5. Loving Words - Elissa Marder
6. Spoonfuls: Toward a Dorsal Deconstruction of Eroticism - David Wills
7. Laughter and Jewish Jokes: The Jouissance of Deconstruction - Elizabeth Rottenberg

Section 2: Vulnerability

8. Sanguine Resistance: Dreaming of a Future for Blood - Lynn Turner
9. Touch, Flesh, Wound, and the Caress of the Screen – Elizabeth Wiyaya
10. Conjuring bodies in e-motion: Sarah Kofman and Hélène Cixous encounter Rembrandt - Lenka Vráblíková
11. Voice and Sextuality - Anne Emmanuelle Berger
12. Double Blind Date: Jealous Glances, Knowing Caresses, Secret Cruelties - Naomi Waltham-Smith
13. Fallible Erotics: Desire & the Haunting Force of Nondesire - Thomas Clément Mercier

Section 3: Panthropology

14. The Dildo’s Pirouette: Preciado’s Emancipatory Vitalism in light of Derrida’s reading of Freud - Eszter Timár
15. ‘Gene for Gene’: Cloning and The (Post)Maternal in Carola Dibbell’s The Only Ones - Naomi Morgenstern
16. Erotics of Decomposition: Cells and their Oceans - Elina Staikou
17. Sexing the animal: the heteroaffection of the living - Nicole Anderson
18. Bio-logical Self-explorations - Vicki Kirby

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Edited Book

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November 2024

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