Wet ⇌ Dry ⇌ thick ⇌ thiN ⇌ (GettiNG beyoND the raW aND the cookeD)

Golding, Johnny; Casey, Mona; Cheeseman, David; Hellings, James; Paganellli, Mattia; Rogers, Henry; Wild, Carol and Williams, Grace, eds. 2013. Wet ⇌ Dry ⇌ thick ⇌ thiN ⇌ (GettiNG beyoND the raW aND the cookeD), Zetesis: The International Journal for Fine Art, Philosophy and the Wild Sciences, 1(2). 2059-2582 [Edited Journal]

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In the now famous move led by Levi Strauss to awaken the humanities and social sciences to the minutiae of life and the way in which one might be able to access this minutiae, quite a strange, diverse and oddly “old fashioned” approach (read by this: scientistic, possibly sexist, homophobic, racist, classist, anti-art – the usual culprits) seem to have been quietly creeping back into both theory and practice. Nowhere is this more clear than in the current research environs, where that which is seen to be rigorous and objective manages at the same time to strip out the complex, the messy, the “that which does not fit in” in order to support a logic which itself admits only a problematic and seemingly privileged set of actors to its boardroom metrics and budgetary arrangements.

An international call was thus initiated, with the result that this current set of responses takes up the vital theme(s) of materiality, but this time from the very arena so often relegated to a second class status: the senses. This is not done in contradistinction or binaric divide from, or privilege over, “reason.” Quite the reverse. The focus on the senses (perhaps we could say, echoing Deleuze, on the logic of sense) is to remind all who may need reminding (including ourselves) that intellectual rigour can never be siphoned from the very blood poetics to which it is attached.

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