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Krebs, G.C.; Hannigan, L.J.; Gregory, Alice M.; Rijsdijk, Fruhling V.; Maughan, Barbara and Eley, Thalia C.. 2019. Are punitive parenting and stressful life events environmental risk factors for obsessive-compulsive symptoms in youth? A longitudinal twin study. European Psychiatry, 56, pp. 35-42. ISSN 0924-9338 [Article]

Denis, Dan; Akhtar, Reece; Holding, Ben; Murray, C; Panatti, J; Claridge, Gordon; Sadeh, Avi; Barclay, Nicola L.; O'Leary, R; Maughan, Barbara; McAdams, Tom A.; Rowe, Richard; Eley, Thalia C.; Viding, Essi and Gregory, Alice M.. 2017. Externalizing Behaviors and Callous-Unemotional Traits: Different Associations With Sleep Quality. Sleep, 40(8), ISSN 0161-8105 [Article]

Kretschmer, Tina; Oliver, Bonamy R and Maughan, Barbara. 2014. Pubertal development, spare time activities, and adolescent delinquency: testing the contextual amplification hypothesis. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 43(8), pp. 1346-1360. ISSN 0047-2891 [Article]

Oliver, Bonamy R; Kretschmer, Tina and Maughan, Barbara. 2014. Configurations of early risk and their association with academic, cognitive, emotional and behavioural outcomes in middle childhood. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 49(5), pp. 723-732. ISSN 0933-7954 [Article]

McAdams, Tom A.; Gregory, Alice M.; Rowe, Richard; Zavos, Helena M. S.; Barclay, Nicola L.; Lau, Jennifer Y. F.; Maughan, Barbara and Eley, Thalia C.. 2013. The Genesis 12-19 (G1219) Study: A Twin and Sibling Study of Gene-Environment Interplay and Adolescent Development in the UK. Twin Research and Human Genetics, 16(01), pp. 134-143. ISSN 1832-4274 [Article]

Rowe, Richard; Maughan, Barbara; Gregory, Alice M. and Eley, Thalia C.. 2013. The development of risky attitudes from pre-driving to fully-qualified driving. Injury Prevention, 19(4), pp. 244-249. ISSN 1353-8047 [Article]

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Barclay, Nicola L.; Eley, Thalia C.; Buysse, Daniel J.; Maughan, Barbara and Gregory, Alice M.. 2012. Nonshared environmental influences on sleep quality: A study of monozygotic twin differences. Behavior Genetics, 42, pp. 234-244. [Article]

Hosang, Georgina M.; Uher, Rudolf; Maughan, Barbara; McGuffin, Peter and Farmer, Anne E.. 2012. The role of loss and danger events in symptom exacerbation in bipolar disorder. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 46(12), pp. 1584-1589. ISSN 0022-3956 [Article]

Barker, Edward D; Oliver, Bonamy R; Viding, Essi; Salekin, Randall T and Maughan, Barbara. 2011. The impact of prenatal maternal risk, fearless temperament and early parenting on adolescent callous-unemotional traits: a 14-year longitudinal investigation. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 52(8), pp. 878-888. ISSN 0021-9630 [Article]

Oliver, Bonamy R; Barker, Edward D; Mandy, William P L; Skuse, David H and Maughan, Barbara. 2011. Social cognition and conduct problems: A developmental approach. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 50(4), pp. 385-394. ISSN 0890-8567 [Article]

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Barclay, Nicola L.; Eley, Thalia C.; Maughan, Barbara; Rowe, Richard and Gregory, Alice M.. 2011. Associations between diurnal preference, sleep quality and externalising behaviours: A behavioural genetic analysis. Psychological Medicine, 41, pp. 1029-1040. [Article]

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Rowe, Richard; Rijsdijk, Fruhling V.; Maughan, Barbara; Hosang, Georgina M. and Eley, Thalia C.. 2008. Heterogeneity in antisocial behaviours and comorbidity with depressed mood: a behavioural genetic approach. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 49(5), pp. 526-534. ISSN 1469-7610 [Article]

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