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Doern, Rachel. 2022. Report on understanding the main opportunities and barriers to SME engagement with the youth labour market. Project Report. Goldsmiths, University of London, London. [Report]


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Alrubaishi, Dalal; Robson, Paul; Haugh, Helen; Doern, Rachel and Wales, William. 2021. Socioemotional Wealth Perspective on the Manifestation of Entrepreneurial Orientation within Saudi Family Firms. In: A. C. Corbett; P. Kreiser; L. Marino and W. Wales, eds. Entrepreneurial Orientation: Epistemological, Theoretical & Empirical Perspectives. 22 Bingley: Emerald, pp. 175-200. ISBN 9781838675721 [Book Section]


Demetry, Daphne and Doern, Rachel. 2020. 'Gendered Narratives of Separation and Redefinition Phases of Mentoring in a Craft-Based Industry'. In: 115th American Sociological Association Annual Meeting (Organizations, Occupations, and Work: Refereed Roundtables – Race, Gender and Careers). Online 20 August 2020. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Demetry, Daphne and Doern, Rachel. 2019. 'I’m a Chef! Negotiating Identity Conflict in Craft-based Entrepreneurship'. In: Academy of Management Conference (Symposium on Against the Grain: Managing and Defying Expectations in Nascent Craft Food Markets). Boston, United States 9-13 August 2019. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Demetry, Daphne and Doern, Rachel. 2019. 'Managing identity strain in craft-based entrepreneurship: A case of elite chef-owners in London'. In: European Group for Organizational Studies (Rediscovering Craft and Craftsmanship in Organizations Track). Edinburgh, United Kingdom 4-6 July 2009. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Demetry, Daphne and Doern, Rachel. 2019. 'Mentorship and Entrepreneurship in a Craft-Based Industry'. In: European Theory Development Workshop (ETDW). London, United Kingdom June 2019. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Doern, Rachel; Williams, Nick and Vorley, Tim. 2018. Special Issue on Entrepreneurship and Crises: Business as Usual? An Introduction and Review of the Literature. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 31, pp. 400-412. ISSN 0898-5626 [Article]

Campana, Mario and Doern, Rachel. 2018. 'The entrepreneurialisation of motherhood: How mumpreneurs create more productive selves in the everyday'. In: European Marketing Academy Conference. Glasgow, United Kingdom June 2018. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Doern, Rachel. 2017. Strategies for Resilience in Entrepreneurship: Building Resources for Small Business Survival After a Crisis. In: T Vorley and N Williams, eds. Creating Resilient Economies: Entrepreneurship, Growth and Development in Uncertain Times. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 11-27. ISBN 9781785367632 [Book Section]


Doern, Rachel; Vorley, T and Williams, N. 2016. 'Entrepreneurship, Crises and Resilience'. In: Professional Development Workshop, British Academy of Management. Newcastle, United Kingdom 6-8 September 2016. [Conference or Workshop Item]

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D'Hont, L; Doern, Rachel and Delgado Garcia, J. 2016. The Role of Friendship in the Formation and Development of Entrepreneurial Teams and Ventures. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 23(2), pp. 528-561. ISSN 1462-6004 [Article]

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Doern, Rachel. 2016. Entrepreneurship and Crisis Management: The Experiences of Small Businesses during the London 2011 Riots. International Small Business Journal, 34(3), pp. 276-302. ISSN 0266-2426 [Article]


Alrubaishi, D; Haugh, H; Robson, P and Doern, Rachel. 2015. 'Family firms, socioemotional wealth and entrepreneurial orientation: Evidence from Saudi Arabia'. In: Babson College Entrepreneurship Conference. Natick, United States 10-13 June 2015. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Doern, Rachel and Goss, David. 2014. The role of negative emotions in the social processes of entrepreneurship: Power rituals and shame-related appeasement behaviors. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 38(4), pp. 863-890. ISSN 1042-2587 [Article]

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de Koning, Alice; Doern, Rachel and Fey, Carl. 2010. 'A qualitative assessment of culture and opportunity recognition in Sweden and Russia'. In: Academy of International Business Conference. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Doern, Rachel and Goss, David. 2010. 'Power, emotion and barriers to business growth: Accounts from Russia without love'. In: Academy of Management Conference. Montreal, Canada 6-10 August. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Doern, Rachel. 2009. 'How and why do small business owner-managers in a transition economy resist and comply with institutional pressures?'. In: British Academy of Management Conference. Brighton, United Kingdom 15-19 September. [Conference or Workshop Item]

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Doern, Rachel. 2005. 'Perceived barriers to small business development: A critique of research conducted in the transition context'. In: Western Academy of Management. Las Vegas, United States. [Conference or Workshop Item]


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Doern, Rachel and Fey, Carl. 2001. Managing pibrex Russia (Case A): New Crises, Old Grievances. Discussion Paper. Ivey Publishing, Canada. [Report]

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Doern, Rachel and Kates, Steven. 1998. The social meanings of drinking: Strengthening the social bonds of restaurant employees. Advances in Consumer Research, 25, pp. 481-485. ISSN 0098-9258 [Article]

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