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Pichler, Pia. 2023. Beyond heteronormativity and towards Intersectionality. In: Pia Pichler, ed. Language and Gender. London: University of London.. [Book Section]

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Pichler, Pia. 2021. '“I got a daughter now man it’s clean man”: heteroglossic and intersectional constructions of fatherhood in the spontaneous talk of a group of young southeast London men'. In: International Gender and Language Association Conference (IGALA 11). Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom 22 - 24 June 2021. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Pichler, Pia. 2019. '‘I was trying to do the P Diddy step’: Conversational humour, verbal duelling and cultural concepts as resources for the construction of authentic black hip hop masculinities'. In: Research on Languages and Linguistics at Sussex (ROLLS). University of Sussex, United Kingdom 13 March 2019. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Pichler, Pia. 2018. 'Rapport in three ethnographic studies of language and gender in private contexts'. In: 11th BAAL Language, Gender and Sexuality SIG Event: Ethnographies of Language, Gender & Sexuality. Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom 26 April 2018. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Pichler, Pia. 2018. 'Performing Power Symposium'. In: Performing Power Symposium. Glasgow's Women's Library, United Kingdom 24 March 2018. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Pichler, Pia. 2017. '‘I am not being funny but you don’t half look like Lionel’: humour, hair and fashion style in a group of young South London men'. In: 15th International Pragmatics Conference. Belfast, United Kingdom 16-21 July 2017. [Conference or Workshop Item]


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Pichler, Pia. 2016. '‘You are stupid, you are cupid’: alternative expressions of affection in couples’ talk'. In: Sociolinguistic Symposium. University of Murcia, Spain 15-18 June 2016. [Conference or Workshop Item]


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Pichler, Pia. 2009. All I’ve gotta do is wank on about some bollocky poem: cool and socially aware positions in the talk of London private school girls. In: Pia Pichler and E. Eppler, eds. Gender and Spoken Interaction. Houndmills, Baskingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 87-114. ISBN 0230013287 [Book Section]

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