Third World Warhol

Grierson, Mick. 2004. Third World Warhol. Noisefilm. [Other]

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This piece was first performed as part of the Canterbury festival 2004. It was produced using using Mick\\\'s real-time audiovisual analysis, editing and performance instrument. It draws on themes of audiovisual cutting, disjunct, and re-presentation based on real-time audio and video analysis. The major technological and aesthetic advance is that this instrument allows for a piece of video footage to be played into a computer and analysed in real-time as it is being re-edited. This functionality was initially developed in order that one would be able to re-edit a live television signal as it was being broadcast. In order to achieve this, the software makes use of a ten second delay buffer. The material is analysed during this ten second period. After the analysis, the material is made available to the performer. During this time, analysis of the input stream continues, creating a large and ever increasing palette for the performer. This piece is primarily politically motivated. As such, some of the treatments are an attempt to re-contextualise and reconsider various aspects of media representation. The piece also invites contemplation of the following comments made by Karlheinz Stockhausen (destruction)..jumps out of security, out of the self-evident, of the every day life, this sometimes also happens in art…or it is worthless. (Stockhausen, K 2001)

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DVD. Performed Live at the 2004 Canterbury Festival. Part of the Anarchist Cinema online film festival 2005/6.

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