Places and Ways

Page, Tara. 2014. Places and Ways. In: "Arts praxis research", 310NXRd., United Kingdom, 27th-30th May 2014. [Performance]

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Creators: Page, Tara
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This performance-event was a praxic collaboration where the participants are attempting to explore, understand, question and map the entangled ways and places of artist teacher and it is the mapping of these intra-actions, the action between, that matters. This praxis is conceived as poietic in that it is flexible, dynamic and open, continually becoming and not a thing, object or outcome but spaces of possibilities and potential and is underpinned by new materialist scholarship after Barad (2007) Braidotti (2000) and Barrett and Bolt (2012). The materiality of this performance is emphasised and is also embodied, affective, relational practice research. Through embodied methodologies we, the participants and myself, are exploring, questioning and attempting to map the practices of bodies with matter and learn who we are, where we are and also how we are as artist teachers. The focus is not on individuals’ practices but the relationalities of learning, bodies- sensation and memory; to become conscious of our ways, materials and spaces- to make the time and the place for a deeper critical collaborative potentially artistic and pedagogic engagement.

Keywords: place, artist teacher, new materialisms, mapping, pedagogy, praxis, practice research
Departments, Centres and Research Units: Educational Studies
Date range: 27th-30th May 2014
Event Location: 310NXRd., United Kingdom
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3 daysDuration
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