The Creative Critic and Selected Writings

Hilevaara, Katja and Orley, E. 2015-2018 The Creative Critic and Selected Writings. [Project]

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Creators: Hilevaara, Katja and Orley, E
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1. 300-word statement

2. Edited Book: The Creative Critic: Writing As/About Practice. Eds. Katja Hilevaara and Emily Orley (Routledge, 2018)

3. Chapter: ‘An Introduction in Five Acts’ in The Creative Critic: Writing As/About Practice. Eds. Katja Hilevaara and Emily Orley (Routledge, 2018, pp1-22). Written with Emily Orley. 4. Website: ‘The Creative Critic Companion Site’, (2018) Designed by Katja Hilevaara and Emily Orley.

5. Chapter: ‘Orange Dogs and Memory Responses: Creativity in Spectating and Remembering’ in Experiencing Liveness in Contemporary Performance. Eds. Matthew Reason and Anja Lindelöf. (Routledge, 2016, pp34-47)

6. Article: ‘Making Making Matter: Paper as Paradox in Practice-as-Research’, in RUUKKU: Studies in Artistic Research, Nr 4: Process in Artistic Research (2015). Written with Emily Orley.

300-word statement

This creative body of enquiry contains a collection of creative-critical writings that I authored, co-authored and a co-edited between 2015 and 2018. Each component here experiments with, and argues for, a way of writing about practice that is at once theoretically rigorous and inventive. The Creative Critic: Writing As/About Practice brings together a range of samples by practitioners writing about and analysing their own work (or work that inspires them) without compromising the creative drive that inspired these artworks in the first place. The accompanying website enables some of these writings to spill off the page in image, video and sound. ‘An Introduction in Five Acts’ to The Creative Critic contextualises these multi-disciplinary sample texts and is itself written as a play script. In ‘Making Making Matter’ a short essay appears alongside a series of photos, alongside a handwritten script. Finally, ‘Orange Dogs and Memory Responses’ theorises remembering as a creative critical method of critique which is attentive to and honours the phases of transformation of the memory of the original artwork.

These writings view the entire artistic research process as a series of creative and experimental transformations. Through this project we proposed that the outcomes of artistic research be transformed into scholarly outputs that are inventive experiments themselves, that might not fit into existing moulds, that might include more than words and images on paper (or screens). We asked whether we can make and think, practice and theorise, do and write about doing, without devaluing one and prioritising the other. Can we break down the unhelpful but still prevalent dichotomies that exist within the Academy today separating embodiment and intuition from intellectual practices? Can we value the process and experimentation at every stage of artistic research, not just at the original making stage, but also the documenting, framing and reflecting-upon stage? Can we consider the entire artistic process as a series of creative and critical transformations?

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Keywords: Artistic research process, Practice, Research, Criticism
Departments, Centres and Research Units: Theatre and Performance (TAP)
Date range: 2015-2018
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