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Ahmed, Sara. 2014. 'Mixed Orientations. Subjectivities, 7, pp. 92-109. [Article]

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Ahmed, Sara. 2014. The Cultural Politics of Emotion. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press; 2nd Revised edition. ISBN 978-0748691135 [Book]

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Book Section

Ahmed, Sara. 2012. Embodying Diversity: Problems and Paradoxes for Black Feminists. In: Yvette Taylor, ed. Educational Diversity: The Subject of Difference and Different Subjects. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 203-218. ISBN 978-0230293427 [Book Section]

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Ahmed, Sara. 2005. ‘The Skin of the Community: Affect and Boundary Formation'. In: Tina Chanter and Ewa Plonowska Ziarek, eds. Revolt, Affect, Collectivity: The Unstable Boundaries Of Kristeva's Polis. State University of New York Press. ISBN 978-0791465684 [Book Section]

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Skeggs, Bev; Ahmed, Sara; Kilby, Jane; McNeil, Maureen and Lury, Celia. 2000. Introduction: Thinking Through Feminism. In: Sara Ahmed; Jane Kilby; Maureen McNeil; Celia Lury and Bev Skeggs, eds. Transformations: Thinking Through Feminism. London: Routledge, pp. 1-24. ISBN 978-0415220668 [Book Section]

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Ahmed, Sara. 1998. Animated Borders: Skin, Colour and Gender. In: Margrit Shildrick and Janet Price, eds. Vital Signs: Feminist Reconfigurations of the Bio/logical Body. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 45-65. ISBN 978-0748609628 [Book Section]

Ahmed, Sara. 1997. ‘“It's a sun tan, isn't it?”: Auto-biography as an Identificatory Practice'. In: Heidi Mirza, ed. Black British Feminism: A Reader. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 153-167. ISBN 978-0415152891 [Book Section]

Ahmed, Sara. 1996. Identifications, Gender and Racial Difference: Moving Beyond a Psychoanalytical Account of Subjectivity. In: Renuka Kumar, ed. Representations of Gender, Democracy and Identity Politics in Relation. Sri Satguru Publications, pp. 288-302. ISBN 978-8170305033 [Book Section]

Ahmed, Sara. 1996. Women in the Orient. In: Tess Cosslett; Alison Easton and Penny Summerfield, eds. Women, Power And Resistance: An Introduction to Women's Studies. Milton Keynes: Open University Press, pp. 136-152. ISBN 978-0335193905 [Book Section]

Conference or Workshop Item

Ahmed, Sara and Mirza, Heidi. 2014. 'Conversation on Black British Feminisms'. In: Conversation on Black British Feminisms. George Wood Theatre, Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Reckitt, Helena; Ahmed, Sara; Phillipson, Heather; Waidner, Isabel and Calver, Julia. 2014. 'Experimental Feminisms'. In: Experimental Feminisms. Centre for Feminist Research, Goldsmiths, United Kingdom 6 June 2014. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Puar, Jasbir; Gunaratnam, Yasmin; Hickey-Moody, Anna Catherine and Ahmed, Sara. 2014. 'Debilities: Sensing Bodies and Worlds'. In: Debilities: Sensing Bodies and Worlds. Goldsmiths, Universirty of London, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Ahmed, Sara; Anim-Addo, Joan; Bernard, Claudia A.; Mirza, Heidi; Puwar, Nirmal and Thobani, Sunera. 2013. 'Screening and Panel Discussion on the work of Angela Davis, Free Angela and Other Political Prisoners'. In: Centre for Feminist Research Screening and Panel Discussion. Goldsmiths, Universirty of London, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Edited Book

Castaneda, Claudia; Ahmed, Sara and Fortier, Anne-Marie, eds. 2004. Uprootings/Regroundings: Questions of Home and Migration. Oxford: Berg. ISBN 978-1859736241 [Edited Book]

Ahmed, Sara and Stacey, Jackie, eds. 2001. Thinking Through the Skin (Transformations). London: Routledge. ISBN 978-0415223560 [Edited Book]

Ahmed, Sara; Lury, Celia; McNeil, Maurenn; Kilby, Jane and Skeggs, Bev, eds. 2000. Transformations: Thinking Through Feminism. Routledge. ISBN 978-0415220675 [Edited Book]

Edited Journal

Ahmed, Sara and Swan, Elaine, eds. 2006. Doing Diversity Work’, Policy Futures in Education, 4(2). [Edited Journal]

Ahmed, Sara and Fortier, Anne-Marie, eds. 2003. ‘Re-Imagining Communities’, International Journal of Cultural Studies, 6(3). 1367-8779 [Edited Journal]

Ahmed, Sara and Stacey, Jackie, eds. 2001. Testimonial Cultures, Cultural Values, 5(1). [Edited Journal]

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