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Grayson, Richard S.. 2021. Irish Identities in the British Army during the First World War. In: Douglas E Delaney; Mark Frost and Andrew L Brown, eds. Manpower and the Armies of the British Empire in the Two World Wars. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, pp. 28-42. ISBN 9781501755842 [Book Section]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2018. Dublin’s Great Wars: The First World War, the Easter Rising and the Irish Revolution. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107029255 [Book]

Grayson, Richard S. and McGarry, Fearghal, eds. 2016. Remembering 1916: The Easter Rising, the Somme and the Politics of Memory in Ireland. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781316509272 [Edited Book]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2014. Ireland. 1914-1918-online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War, [Article]

Grayson, Richard S., ed. 2012. At War with the 16th (Irish) Division, 1914-1918: The Staniforth Letters. Barnsley: Pen & Sword. ISBN 9781848846340 [Edited Book]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2012. Veterans as Victims: The Experiences and Rediscovery of Irish Nationalists in the British Military in 1914-1918. In: Lesley Lelourec and Grainne O'Keeffe-Vigneron, eds. Ireland and Victims: Confronting the Past, Forging the Future. Oxford: Peter Lang, pp. 43-57. ISBN 9783034307925 [Book Section]

Abbott, Lynda and Grayson, Richard S.. 2011. Community engagement in local history: a report on the Hemel at War project. Teaching History(145), pp. 4-12. ISSN 0040-06109 [Article]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2010. Localism the American Way. Public Policy Research, 17(2), pp. 75-79. ISSN 1744-5396 [Article]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2010. British Politics: A Beginner's Guide. Oxford: One World. ISBN 9781851687688 [Book]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2010. The Historiography of Inter-war Politics: Competing Conservative World Views in High Politics, 1924-29. In: William Mulligan and Brendan Simms, eds. The Primacy of Foreign Policy in British History, 1660-2000: How Strategic Concerns Shaped Modern Britain. Palgrave, pp. 277-290. ISBN 978-0230574724 [Book Section]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2010. The Place of the First World War in Contemporary Irish Republicanism in Northern Ireland. Irish Political Studies, 25(3), pp. 325-345. ISSN 0790-7184 [Article]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2009. Social liberalism. In: Kevin Hickson, ed. The political thought of the Liberals and Liberal Democrats since 1945. Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 48-64. ISBN 978-0719079481 [Book Section]

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Grayson, Richard S.. 2007. Social Democracy or Social Liberalism? Ideological Sources of Liberal Democrat Policy. Political Quarterly, 78(1), pp. 32-39. ISSN 0032-3179 [Article]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2006. Imperialism in Conservative defence and foreign policy: Leo Amery and the Chamberlains, 1903-1939. Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 34(4), pp. 505-527. [Article]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2006. Leo Amery's imperialist alternative to appeasement in the 1930s. Twentieth century British history, 17(4), pp. 489-515. ISSN 0955-2359 [Article]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2005. Change and continuity in the Liberal Democrat election campaign of 2005. Political quarterly, 76(3), pp. 393-401. ISSN 0032-3179 ; 1467-923X (online) [Article]

Clegg, Nick and Grayson, Richard S.. 2002. Learning from Europe: Lessons in Education. Working Paper. Centre for European Reform, London. [Report]

Grayson, Richard S.. 2002. Austen Chamberlain. In: Thomas G. Otte, ed. The Makers of British Foreign Policy: From Pitt to Thatcher. London: Palgrave, pp. 150-172. ISBN 0333915798 [Book Section]

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Grayson, Richard S.. 1996. The British Government, the Channel Tunnel and European Unity, 1948-64. European History Quarterly, 23(3), pp. 415-436. [Article]

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