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Johnston, Andrew; Veldman, Jeroen; Eccles, Robert G.; Deakin, Simon F.; Davis, Jerry; Djelic, Marie-Laure; Pistor, Katharina; Segrestin, Blanche; Williams, Cynthia A.; Millon, David K.; Ireland, Philip; Sjåfjell, Beate; Bruner, Christopher M.; Talbot, Lorraine E.; Willmott, Hugh Christopher; Villiers, Charlotte Louise; Liao, Carol; Valiorgue, Bertrand; Glynos, Jason; Sayre, Todd L.; Morgan, Bronwen; Wartzman, Rick; Sikka, Prem; Gregor, Filip; Jacobs, David Carroll; Gill, Roger; Brown, Roger; Bavoso, Vincenzo; Lancastle, Neil; Matthaei, Julie; Taylor, Scott; Larsson-Olaison, Ulf; Cullen, Jay; Dignam, Alan J.; Joo, Thomas Wuil; O'Kelly, Ciarán; Keating, Con; Tomasic, Roman A.; Lilley, Simon; Tennent, Kevin; Robson, Keith; Maley, Willy; Chiu, Iris H-Y; McGaughey, Ewan; Rees, Chris; Boeger, Nina; Leaver, Adam; Moore, Marc T.; Paape, Leen; Meyer, Alan; Palazzi, Marcello; Kaul, Nitasha; Espinosa-Cristia, Juan Felipe; Kuhn, Timothy; Cooper, David J.; Soederberg, Susanne; Jansson, Andreas; Watson, Susan Mary; Sitbon, Ofer; Loughrey, Joan; Collison, David J.; McCulloch, Maureen; McCulloch, Maureen; Samanta, Navajyoti; Greenwood, Daniel J.H.; Thompson, Grahame F.; Keay, Andrew R.; Contu, Alessia; Rühmkorf, Andreas; Hull, Richard; Esser, Irene-Marie and Chabrak, Nihel. 2020. Corporate Governance for Sustainability. SSRN Electronic Journal, ISSN 1556-5068 [Article]

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Hull, Richard and Coombs, Rod. 1998. 'Knowledge Management Practices’ and Path Dependency in Innovation. Research Policy, 27(3), pp. 237-253. ISSN 0048-7333 [Article]

Hull, Richard. 1997. “Governing the Conduct of Computing: Computer Science, the Social Sciences, and Frameworks of Computing”. Accounting, Management and Information Technologies, 7(4), pp. 213-240. ISSN 0959-8022 [Article]


Book Section

Hull, Richard and Berry, Robert. 2016. The Social Entrepreneurship Option for Scientists and Engineers. In: Rao Bhamidimarri and Ailin Liu, eds. Engineering and Enterprise. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International, pp. 27-44. ISBN 9783319278247 [Book Section]

Hull, Richard. 2006. “The Great Lie: Markets, Freedom and Knowledge”. In: Dieter Plehwe; Bernhard J. A Walpen and Gisela Neunhöffer, eds. Neoliberal hegemony: A global critique. London: Routledge, pp. 141-155. ISBN 978-0415460033 [Book Section]

Conference or Workshop Item

Hull, Richard. 2010. 'The Heart of Social Enterprise'. In: US Academy of Management annual conference. Montreal, Canada. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hull, Richard. 2007. '“Organising UK Universities: The Role of Patrimonial Bureaucracy”'. In: "Post-Bureaucracy and Organizational Change in the Knowledge Society". University of Essex, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Edited Book

Hull, Richard; Gibbon, Jane; Branzei, Oana and Haugh, Helen, eds. 2011. Volume 1 - The Third Sector. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. ISBN 978-1780522807 [Edited Book]

Andersen, Birgitte; Hull, Richard; Howells, Jeremy; Mills, Ian and Roberts, Joanne, eds. 2000. Knowledge and Innovation in the New Service Economy. Cheltenham; Northampton: Edward Elgar Pub. ISBN 978-1840645729 [Edited Book]

Pritchard, Craig; Chumer, Mike; Hull, Richard and Willmott, Hugh, eds. 2000. Managing Knowledge: Critical Investigations of Work and Learning. London: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-0333921579 [Edited Book]



Hull, Richard; Currey, R and Fredericksen, J. 2007. "The Future for Broadband: Fibre To The Home?". Other. The Netherlands [Report]

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