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Valiaho, Pasi. 2014. The light of God: Notes on the visual economy of drones. NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies, ISSN 2213-0217 [Article]

Henriques, Julian F.; Tiainen, Milla and Valiaho, Pasi. 2014. Rhythm Returns: Movement and Cultural Theory. Body & Society, 20(3-4), pp. 3-29. ISSN 1357-034X [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2014. 'Futures of Images'. Oxford Art Journal, 37(1), pp. 107-110. ISSN 0142-6540 [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2014. Stills from a Film that Was Never Made. Photomediations Machine (video essay), [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2014. 'Video Games and the Cerebral Subject: On Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3'. Body & Society, 20(3-4), pp. 113-139. ISSN 1357-034X [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2013. Spellbound: Early Cinema's Transformational Spaces. Space and Culture, 16(2), pp. 161-172. ISSN 1206-3312 [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2012. Affectivity, Biopolitics and the Virtual Reality of War. Theory, Culture & Society, 29(2), pp. 63-83. ISSN 0263-2764 [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2011. Cinema's Memoro-Politics: Hypnotic Images, Contingent Pasts, Forgetting. Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture, 33(3), pp. 322-341. ISSN 1522-5321 [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2008. Bodies Outside In: On Cinematic Organ Projection. Parallax, 14(2), pp. 7-19. ISSN 1353-4645 [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2007. 'The White Screen circa 1900 – On the Moving Image as Potentiality of Thought. Symplokê, 15(1-2), pp. 40-65. ISSN 1069-0697 [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2005. 'Diafanes – kuva, tapahtuma, totuus'. Tiede & edistys, 30(3), pp. 229-242. ISSN 0356-3677 [Article]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2005. Simulation, Automata, Cinema: A Critique of Gestures. Theory and Event, 8(2), ISSN 1092-311X [Article]


Valiaho, Pasi. 2014. Biopolitical Screens: Image, Power, and the Neoliberal Brain. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. ISBN 9780262027472 [Book]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2010. Mapping the Moving Image: Gesture, Thought and Cinema circa 1900. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. ISBN 978-9-089-64140-3 [Book]

Book Section

Valiaho, Pasi. 2015. Biopolitics of Gesture: Cinema and the Neurological Body. In: Henrik Gustafsson and Asbjorn Gronstad, eds. Cinema and Agamben. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, pp. 103-120. ISBN 978-1501308598 [Book Section]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2014. Marey's Gun: Apparatuses of Capture and the Operational Image. In: Annie van den Oever, ed. Téchnē/Technology. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, pp. 169-176. ISBN 9789089645715 [Book Section]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2012. 'Capturing Imagination: Cinema's Future Anterior'. In: Alessandro Bordina, ed. The Archive. Udine: Forum, pp. 171-173. [Book Section]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2008. 'Salama ja hetki – ajatella kuvin'. In: Olli-Jukka Jokisaari; Jussi Parikka and Pasi Valiaho, eds. In medias res: hakuja mediafilosofiaan. Turku: Eetos, pp. 72-94. ISBN 978-952-99461-5-0 [Book Section]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2006. 'Biovalta – elämän paljastavat teknologiat'. In: Sejia Ridell; Pasi Valiaho and Tania Sihvonen, eds. Mediaa käsittämässä. Tampere: Vastapaino, pp. 27-45. [Book Section]

Valiaho, Pasi. 2004. Audiovisuaalisen median ja kontrollin neuroestetiikasta. In: Teemu Taira and Pasi Valiaho, eds. Vastarintaa nykyisyydelle: näkökulmia Gilles Deleuzen ajatteluun. Turku: Eetos, pp. 113-138. [Book Section]

Edited Book

Valiaho, Pasi; Jokisaari, Olli-Jukka and Parikka, Jussi, eds. 2008. In Medias Res. Hakuja mediafilosofiaan. Turku: Eetos. [Edited Book]

Valiaho, Pasi; Ridell, Sejia and Sihvonen, Tania, eds. 2006. Mediaa käsittämässä. Tampere: Vastapaino. [Edited Book]

Valiaho, Pasi and Taira, Teemu, eds. 2004. Vastarintaa nykyisyydelle. Näkökulmia Gilles Deleuzen ajatteluun. Turku: Eetos. [Edited Book]

Edited Journal

Valiaho, Pasi; Tiainen, Milla and Henriques, Julian F., eds. 2014. Rhythm, Movement, Embodiment special issue, Body & Society, 20(3-4). 1357-034X [Edited Journal]

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