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Cybersyn Fictions: Collected performative works

Mortimer, N. 2015. Cybersyn Fictions: Collected performative works. In: "Community in Progress", Critical Media Lab Basel, Switzerland, 2015-present. [Performance]

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Creators: Mortimer, N
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CYBERSYN FICTIONS is a body of work that draws on STS contexts as starting points in the design and delivery of creative, performative works of fiction. The project uses stage and radio plays, designed systems of narratives and characters, scripts and scenographic elements based on ongoing research into contemporary reflections of the socialist implementation of technology in Allende’s Chile

Multiple productions have resulted from this project, based on long term engagement with the history of project Cybersyn (Chile 1971-73) field trips and relationships with The Stafford Beer Archive at Liverpool John Moore University. Traditional forms of situated research combined with collaborations with a variety of creative and computational partners including Critical Media Lab, Kevin Rittberger, Theatre Basel, Raul Espejo, Sitraka Rakotoninia, Central Library Liverpool and Kings College London.

Creatively the work is engaged with the design of fictions that aggregate political ideas and notions of technological optimism. Focus is also on past-futures, visions of utopian systems that represent emancipatory change and past present and future notions of redesigning socio-political and technological relationships. More recently a practical engagement with Artificial intelligence has enriched both the research and process of performative cybernetics.

Characters and scenarios have been designed with scripts written to embody the historic confluence of technology and politics. Exhibitions and theatrical productions include the production of sets, props and digital material. There is a focus on experimental technology and performance, as a way to describe and persuade critical and speculative themes surrounding media, technology and politics.

Multiple locations have helped to disseminate this work to large audiences in the form of commissions, exhibitions, performances and talks. These include: The School of Machines Berlin, Goldsmiths University, The London Design Festival, 199 radio, Subtext Radio, VVFA, ZKU Berlin, Cabaret Voltaire & ZHK Zurich, NOW Festival Margate, Institute of Experimental Design and Media Basel.

Contributors: Rittberger, K (Director); Stevenson, V (Curator of an exhibition); Holland, C (Actor); Sutton, A (Actor); Rakotoniaina, S (Artist); Espejo, R (Author) and Boyle, C (Translator)
Departments, Centres and Research Units: Design
Date range: 2015-present
Event Location: Critical Media Lab Basel, Switzerland
Item ID: 25343
Date Deposited: 18 Dec 2018 09:52
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