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Chilver, John. 2018. The Discursive Array: Towards a Politics of Painting as Time-Space Production. Journal of Contemporary Painting, 4(1), pp. 81-101. ISSN 2052-6695 [Article]


Chilver, John. 2016. 'If Surface is the Condition'. In: Surface Values: Locating Conditions. University of Reading, United Kingdom 10/ 06/ 2016. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Chilver, John. 2016. 6R-K-M8. [Art Object]


Chilver, John. 2015. WLSX7834. [Art Object]


Chilver, John. 2014. Number intersecting with art: three studies. Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory, 15(2), pp. 239-249. ISSN 1600-910X [Article]

Chilver, John. 2014. 6R-K-M5. [Art Object]

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Chilver, John. 2014. Entkoerperte Malerei. In: Gunter Reski and Hans-Juergen Hafner, eds. The Happy Fainting of Painting. Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter Koenig, pp. 62-67. ISBN 9783863356705 [Book Section]

Chilver, John; Lowe, Brighid and Mok, Honggyun. 2014. Parts and Labour (Osan). In: "Parts and Labour (Osan)", Osan Museum of Art, Korea, Republic of, November - December 2014. [Show/Exhibition]


Chilver, John. 2013. HLA213109XA. [Art Object]

Chilver, John. 2013. Bomberg after Auerbach after Brown. Turps Banana, 13, pp. 4-13. ISSN 1749 3994 [Article]

Chilver, John. 2013. The Dancers 3. [Art Object]

Chilver, John. 2013. Sequence 328987. [Art Object]

Chilver, John. 2013. Tuesdays in August. [Art Object]


Chilver, John. 2012. If Display Becomes Materiality. In: Edward Whittaker and Alex Landrum, eds. Painting With Architecture in Mind. Bath, UK: Wunderkammer Press, pp. 113-134. ISBN 978-0-9566462-1-7 [Book Section]

Chilver, John; Lowe, Brighid; Capaldi, Leah; Chaimowicz, Marc Camille; Jeffery, Charlie; Jones, Gareth; Pedraglio, Francesco; Piper, Adrian; Schmuecker, Martina; Slotawa, Florian; Staton, Sarah and Wentworth, Richard. 2012. Parts and Labour (3 Hours Minimum Wage). In: "Parts and Labour (3 Hours Minimum Wage)", Camberwell Space, London, United Kingdom, 1/5/2012-26/5/2012. [Show/Exhibition]

Chilver, John. 2012. The Happy Fainting of Painting. In: "The Happy Fainting of Painting", Zwinger Galerie, Berlin, Germany, 3/3/2012-28/4/2012. [Show/Exhibition]

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Chilver, John. 2012. 'Art and Number'. In: The New Numeracy. Dept of Sociology, Goldsmiths, London, United Kingdom 17/2/2012. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Chilver, John. 2010. 'Miss the Start, Miss the End'. In: Space, Time and the Image. APT Gallery, London, United Kingdom 14 May 2010. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Bauer, Diann; Chilver, John; Claxton, Ruth; Dale, Tom; Dawes, Nick; Dawood, Shezad; Gough, Stewart; Herbert, Samuel; Hibbs, Justin; Hopkins, James; Hughs Watts, Julian; Jones, Zebedee; Monroe, Ian; Ritson, Boo; Sanders-Dunnachie, Angus; Smith, Kevin; Richardson, Pamela; Stark, John; Wathen, Richard; White, James; Woolls, Leon; Zakiewicz, Neil and Bolivar, Juan. 2010. Dawnbreakers. In: "Dawnbreakers", John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, United Kingdom, 27 April - 12 June 2010. [Show/Exhibition]

Chilver, John; Afrassiabi, Shahin; Ash, Jesse; Bauer, Diann; Bedwell, Simon A.; Billy, Vanessa; Bolivar, Juan; Burton, Adam; Carneiro da Cunha, Tiago; Coleman and Hogarth, Kim and Jenny; Cumberland, Stuart; Dany, Hans-Christian; Frearson, Annabel; Freee, Freee; Ghazi, Babak; Ghosts Eat Mirrors, Ghosts Eat Mirrors; Glogan, Jeremy; Gottelier, Luke; Gruenfeld, Thomas; Hemsworth, Gerard; Higashionna, Yuichi; Holmes, Emma; Jones, Gareth; Kartscher, Kerstin; Kollectiv, Pil and Galia; Lowe, Brigrid; Macuga, Goshka; Makh, Ellen; Pettitt, Daniel; Reski, Gunter; Rosler, Martha; Schultze, Michael; Sill, Heidi; Simpson, D. J.; Strange, Jack; Stubbs, Michael; Timberlake, John; Verzutti, Erika; Vinitsky, Yonatan and Wright, Carla. 2010. Use and Mention. In: "Use and Mention", Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom, 26 Jan - 26 Feb 2010. [Show/Exhibition]

Chilver, John; Bedwell, Simon A.; Reski, Gunter and Vinitsky, Yonatan. 2010. Standard Candles. In: "Standard Candles", Vulpes Vulpes, London, United Kingdom, 31 March - 25 April 2010. [Show/Exhibition]


Chilver, John and Vallotton, Felix. 2009. Felix Vallotton: Genres and Shallow Waters. Turps Banana, 7, pp. 28-35. ISSN 1749-3994 [Article]

Chilver, John. 2009. John Chilver. In: "John Chilver", Keith Talent Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 17 June - 1 Aug 2009. [Show/Exhibition]


Chilver, John. 2008. Painting and Its Strata: Sub, Super, etc. In: , ed. Superstratum. Antwerp: Koraalberg Gallery, pp. 3-5. ISBN 9789079874002 [Book Section]

Chilver, John and Slotawa, Florian. 2008. Contingency and the Paradox of Composition: Florian Slotawa. Art Papers, 32(5), pp. 32-37. ISSN 1524-9581 [Article]


Chilver, John. 2007. Displacements of Shadow. Art Papers, 31(1), pp. 36-41. ISSN 15249581 [Article]

Chilver, John. 2007. Morandi with Heidegger. In: E Whittaker and A Landrum, eds. Nonsite to Celebration Park: Essays on Art and the Politics of Space. Bath: Bath Spa University, pp. 85-100. ISBN 9781905200726 [Book Section]

Chilver, John; Graw, Isabelle; Haverkost, Eberhard; Baer, Monika and Reski, Gunter. 2007. 'On Disappearance & Display'. In: , ed. The Worst & The Best: Yearbook 2007/2008. Oslo: KHIO/National Academy of Fine Arts Oslo, pp. 21-23. [Book Section]



Chilver, John; Malik, Suhail; Harris, Jane; Stubbs, Michael; Cooke, Nigel and Brown, Glenn. 2004. ''Painting as a Technology''. In: ‘Painting, Specifically’. Serpentine Gallery, London, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Chilver, John. 2004. 'James Rosenquist'. Untitled, 32, p. 70. [Article]

Chilver, John. 2004. 'Vertical Acceleration'. Starship, 6, [Article]


Chilver, John. 2002. Landscape. In: "Landscape", The Saatchi Gallery, 2/22/2002 - 5/17/2002. [Show/Exhibition]


Chilver, John. 2001. John Chilver. In: "John Chilver", Casey Kaplan, New York, 9/7/2001 - 10/10/2001. [Show/Exhibition]


Chilver, John. 1999. 'On DJ Simpson', a dialogue with Dave Beech. In: Shahin Alfrassiabi, ed. Beck's Futures 2001 (Art Catalogue). University of Pennsylvania,Institute of Contemporary Art. ISBN 978-1900300315 [Book Section]

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