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Ahrens, Petra; Erzeel, Silvia; Evans, Elizabeth; Kantola, Johanna; Kuhar, Roman and Lomardo, Emanuela. 2020. Gender and Politics Research in Europe: Towards a Consolidation of a Flourishing Political Science Subfield? European Political Science, ISSN 1680-4333 [Article] (Forthcoming)

Evans, Elizabeth and Reher, Stefanie. 2020. Disability and Political Representation: Analysing the Obstacles to Elected Office in the UK. International Political Science Review, ISSN 0192-5121 [Article] (In Press)

Evans, Elizabeth and Kenny, Meryl. 2020. Doing Politics Differently? Applying a Feminist Institutionalist Lens to the UK's Women's Equality Party. Politics & Gender, 16(1), pp. 26-47. ISSN 1743-923X [Article]

Cowell-Meyers, Kimberly; Evans, Elizabeth and Shin, Ki-young. 2020. Women's Parties: A New Party Family. Politics & Gender, 16(1), pp. 4-25. ISSN 1743-923X [Article]

Evans, Elizabeth and Kenny, Meryl. 2019. The Women’s Equality Party: Emergence, Organisation and Challenges. Political Studies, 67(4), pp. 855-871. ISSN 0032-3217 [Article]

Ahrens, Petra; Celis, Karen; Childs, Sarah; Engeli, Isabelle; Evans, Elizabeth and Mugge, Liza. 2018. Politics and Gender: Rocking Political Science and Creating New Horizons. European Journal of Politics and Gender, 1(1-2), pp. 3-16. ISSN 2515-1088 [Article]

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Evans, Elizabeth. 2016. Intersectionality as Feminist Praxis in the UK. Women's Studies International Forum, 59, pp. 67-75. ISSN 0277-5395 [Article]

Evans, Elizabeth and Amery, Fran. 2016. Gender and Politics in the UK: Banished to the Sidelines. European Political Science, 15(3), pp. 314-321. ISSN 1680-4333 [Article]

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Evans, Elizabeth. 2016. Diversity Matters: Intersectionality and Women’s Descriptive Representation in the USA and UK. Parliamentary Affairs, 69(3), pp. 569-585. ISSN 0031-2290 [Article]

Evans, Elizabeth. 2014. What Makes a (Third) Wave? How and Why the Third Wave Narrative Works for Contemporary Feminists. International Feminist Journal of Politics, 18(3), pp. 409-428. ISSN 1461-6742 [Article]

Evans, Elizabeth and Chamberlain, Prudence. 2014. Critical Waves: Exploring Feminist Identity, Discourse and Praxis in Western Feminism. Social Movement Studies, 14(4), pp. 396-409. ISSN 1474-2837 [Article]

Childs, Sarah; Evans, Elizabeth and Webb, Paul. 2013. Quicker than a Consultation at the Hairdressers’ Abortion and the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act 2008. New Genetics and Society, 32(2), pp. 110-134. ISSN 1463-6778 [Article]

Ross, Karen; Evans, Elizabeth; Harrison, Lisa; Shears, Mary and Wadia, Khursheed. 2013. The Gender of News and News of Gender: A Study of Press Coverage of the 2010 British General Election. International Journal of Press/Politics, 18(1), pp. 3-20. ISSN 1940-1612 [Article]

Evans, Elizabeth and Harrison, Lisa. 2012. Candidate Selection in British Second Order Elections: A Comparison of Electoral Systems and Party Strategy Effects. Journal of Legislative Studies, 18(2), pp. 242-260. ISSN 1357-2334 [Article]

Childs, Sarah and Evans, Elizabeth. 2012. Out of the Hands of the Parties: Women’s Descriptive Representation in the UK 2010-2015. The Political Quarterly, 83(4), pp. 742-748. ISSN 0032-3179 [Article]

Evans, Elizabeth. 2012. Selecting the ‘right sort’: Patterns of Political Recruitment at British By-elections. Parliamentary Affairs, 65(1), pp. 195-213. ISSN 0031-2290 [Article]

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Ashe, Jeanette; Campbell, Rosie; Childs, Sarah and Evans, Elizabeth. 2010. Stand by your man: Women’s Political Recruitment at the 2010 General Election’. British Politics, 5(4), pp. 455-480. ISSN 1369-1481 [Article]

Evans, Elizabeth. 2008. Supply and Demand: Women Candidates and the Liberal Democrats. British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 4(10), pp. 590-606. ISSN 1369-1481 [Article]


Evans, Elizabeth. 2011. Gender and the Liberal Democrats: Representing Women? Manchester: Manchester University Press. ISBN 978-0719083471 [Book]

Book Section

Evans, Elizabeth. 2019. Disability and Intersectionality: Patterns of Ableism in the Women’s Movement. In: Elizabeth Evans and Eléonore Lépinard, eds. Intersectionality in Feminist and Queer Movements: Confronting Privileges. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9780367257859 [Book Section]

Edited Book

Evans, Elizabeth and Lepinard, Eléonore, eds. 2020. Intersectionality in Feminist and Queer Movements: Confronting Privileges. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9780367257859 [Edited Book]

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