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Ivanova, Maria N. 2019. Marx’s Theory of Money: A Reappraisal in the Light of Unconventional Monetary Policy. Review of Radical Political Economics, ISSN 0486-6134 [Article] (In Press)

Ivanova, Maria N. 2019. Inequality, Financialization, and the US Current Account Deficit. Industrial and Corporate Change, 28(4), pp. 707-724. ISSN 0960-6491 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2018. Quantitative Easing: A Postmortem. International Journal of Political Economy, 47(3-4), pp. 253-280. ISSN 0891-1916 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2017. Profit Growth in Boom and Bust: The Great Recession and the Great Depression in Comparative Perspective. Industrial and Corporate Change, 26(1), pp. 1-20. ISSN 0960-6491 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2016. Hayek, Mach, and the re-ordering of mind. The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 23(5), pp. 693-717. ISSN 0967-2567 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2013. The Dollar as World Money. Science & Society, 77(1), pp. 44-71. ISSN 0036-8237 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2013. The Great Recession and the State of American Capitalism. Science & Society, 77(3), pp. 294-314. ISSN 0036-8237 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2013. Marx, Minsky, and the Great Recession. Review of Radical Political Economics, 45(1), pp. 59-74. ISSN 0486-6134 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2011. Housing and Hegemony: The US Experience. Capital & Class, 35(3), pp. 389-412. ISSN 0309-8168 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2011. Consumerism and the Crisis: Wither “the American Dream". Critical Sociology, 37(3), pp. 329-350. ISSN 0896-9205 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2011. Money, Housing, and World Market: The Dialectic of Globalised Production. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 35(5), pp. 853-871. ISSN 0309-166X [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2011. ‘Can “It” Happen Again: The Limits of Money Artistry’. Critique, 39(2), pp. 211-232. ISSN 0301-7605 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2010. A Reversal of Fortune? The (Un)likely Future of the US Dollar. Critique, 38(1), pp. 11-34. ISSN 0011-1619 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2010. Hegemony and Seigniorage: The Planned Spontaneity of the US Current Account Deficit. International Journal of Political Economy, 39(1), pp. 93-130. ISSN 0891-1916 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2009. Growing through Debt and Inflation: An Inquiry into the Esoteric and Exoteric Aspects of Bulgaria’s Currency Board’. Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe, 17(2), pp. 159-179. ISSN 0965-156X [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2007. Inequality and Government Policies in Central and Eastern Europe. East European Quarterly, 41(2), pp. 167-204. ISSN 0012-8449 [Article]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2007. ‘Why There Was No “Marshall Plan” for Eastern Europe and Why This Still Matters’. Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 15(3), pp. 349-380. ISSN 1478-2804 [Article]

Book Section

Ivanova, Maria N. 2014. ‘Not Just Another Crisis: How and Why the Great Recession Was Different'. In: Richard Westra; Robert Albritton and Dennis Badeen, eds. The Future of Capitalism After the Financial Crisis: The Varieties of Capitalism Debate in the Age of Austerity. London: Routledge, pp. 171-183. ISBN 978-0415722841 [Book Section]

Ivanova, Maria N. 2013. 'The Crisis of Home-Centered Consumer Capitalism in the United States’. In: Alan Cafruny and Herman Schwartz, eds. Exploring the Global Financial Crisis: Yearbook of International Political Economy. Boulder CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc. ISBN 978-1588268600 [Book Section]

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