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Caplan, Pat. 1992. "Engendering Knowledge". In: S. Ardener, ed. The Persons and Powers of Women. Oxford: Berg Press, pp. 65-87. ISBN 9780854968664 [Book Section]

Caplan, Pat. 1992. "Socialism from above; the view from below". In: Peter Forster, ed. Tanzanian Peasantry: Economy in Crisis. Gower Press, pp. 103-123. ISBN 978-1856281553 [Book Section]

Caplan, Pat. 1992. "Spirits and Sex: a Swahili informant and his diary". In: Judith Okely and Helen Callaway, eds. Anthropology and Autobiography. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 64-81. ISBN 978-0415051897 [Book Section]

Johnson, Mark. 1992. The Ceramic Fabrics at Ban Don Ta Phet: a preliminary report with special reference to the classification of ceramic fabric. In: Ian Glover, ed. Southeast Asian archaeology 1990: proceedings of the third Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists. Hull: Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, pp. 179-186. [Book Section]

McDonald, Russ. 1992. Reading The Tempest. In: , ed. Shakespeare Yearbook. Gale Press. [Book Section]

McRobbie, Angela. 1992. Post-Marxism and Cultural Studies: A Post-Script. In: Larry Grossberg; Cary Nelson and Paula Treichler, eds. Cultural Studies. London and New York: Routledge. ISBN 978-0415903516 [Book Section]

McVeigh, Simon. 1992. The Violinists of the Baroque and Classical Periods. In: Robin Stowell, ed. The Cambridge Companion to the Violin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 46-60. ISBN 0521399238 [Book Section]

Newman, Michael. 1992. La spécificité de la critique et la nécessité de la philosophie. In: , ed. La place du goût dans la production philosophique des concepts et leur destin critique. Archives de la critique dart, pp. 130-158. ISBN 978-2950629302 [Book Section]

Newman, Michael. 1992. Suffering from Reminiscences. In: , ed. Postmodernism and the Re-reading of Modernity. Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 84-114. ISBN 978-0719037450 [Book Section]

Skeggs, Bev. 1992. The Cultural Production of 'Learning to Labour'. In: Anne Beezer and Martin Barker, eds. Reading Into Cultural Studies. London: Routledge, pp. 181-196. ISBN 978-0415063777 [Book Section]

Smith, Kate. 1992. The Phone Box, Art in Telephone Boxes. In: , ed. The Phone Box, Art in Telephone Boxes. Virginia Nimarkoh. [Book Section]

Smith, Kate. 1992. chapter 21, Masculinity, Politics and Art. In: John Roberts, ed. Selected Errors, Writings on Art and Politics. Pluto Press, pp. 253-263. ISBN 978-0745304977 [Book Section]

Tipple, Robin A.. 1992. Art Therapy with People who have Severe Learning Difficulties. In: Diane E. Waller and Andrea Gilroy, eds. Art Therapy: A Handbook. Open University Press. ISBN 978-0335098866 [Book Section]

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