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Aceti, Lanfranco and Sahin, Ozden, eds. 2010. Mish Mash, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, 17(1). 1071-4391 [Edited Journal]


Blackman, Lisa, ed. 2010. Affect. Special issue of Body & Society, Body & Society, 16(1). 1357-034X [Edited Journal]

Blackman, Lisa, ed. 2010. Bodily Integrity special issue of Body & Society, issue 16(3), 2010., Body & Society, 16(3). 1357-034X [Edited Journal]

Benzecry, Caudio and Krause, Monika, eds. 2010. Special Issue on Knowledge in Practice, Qualitative Sociology, 33(4). [Edited Journal]

Bishop, Mark (J. M.), ed. 2010. Special Issue on the Turing Test, Kybernetes, 39(3). 0368-492X [Edited Journal]

Bell, Vikki, ed. 2010. Theory, Culture & Society 2010 Annual Review (double issue), Theory, Culture & Society, 27(7-8). 0263-2764 [Edited Journal]


Coleman, Rebecca and Ferreday, Debra, eds. 2010. Hope and Feminist Theory, Journal for Cultural Research, 14(4). 1479-7585 [Edited Journal]


Dalley, Tessa; Jones, Kevin; Edwards, Dave; Brown, Christopher; Gilroy, Andrea and Meyerwitz-Katz, Julia, eds. 2010. ATOL Art Therapy Online: a Journal of Art, Therapy, Politics and Culture, ATOL Art Therapy Online, . [Edited Journal]

Donner, Henrike and Chari, Sharad, eds. 2010. Special Special Double Issue: Ethnography and Activism, Cultural Dynamics, 22(2). 0921-3740 [Edited Journal]


Edwin, Marl'ene; Bonnelame, Natasha and Marima, Tendai, eds. 2010. A Special Postgraduate Issue of New Mango Season, Imoinda: Criticism & Response, 3(3). [Edited Journal]


Fuggle, Sophie and Nicolet Anderson, Valerie, eds. 2010. Foucault/Paul: Special Issue of Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory, Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory, 11(1). [Edited Journal]

Furse, Anna F. D., ed. 2010. Gender Forum: Gender and Performance, Gender Forum, 31. [Edited Journal]

Furse, Anna F. D., ed. 2010. Gender and Performance: Theatre / Dance / Technology, Gender Forum: An Internet Journal for Gender Studies, 31. [Edited Journal]

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Fusco, Maria, ed. 2010. The Happy Hypocrite #5, The Happy Hypocrite, . 1755 473X [Edited Journal]

Fisher, Andrew and Rubenstein, Daniel, eds. 2010. Philosophy of photography, Philosophy of Photography, . 20403682 [Edited Journal]

Fenton, Natalie, ed. 2010. Special Edition: ‘Rupert Murdoch and Empire’, Television and New Media, 13(1). 1527-4764 [Edited Journal]


Hickey Moody, Anna and Crowley, Vicki, eds. 2010. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education. Special edition 'Disability matters: pedagogy, media and affect', Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 31(4). 0159-6306 [Edited Journal]

Hickey Moody, Anna; Savage, Glenn and Windle, Joel, eds. 2010. Special edition 'Pedagogy Writ Large', Critical Studies in Education, 51(3). 1750-8487 [Edited Journal]


Johnson, Mark and Werbner, Pnina, eds. 2010. Diasporic Encounters, Sacred Journeys: Ritual, Normativity and the Religious Imagination among International Asian Migrant Women., Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, 11(3-4). 1444-2213 [Edited Journal]


London, John; Sirera, Josep Lluís and Rosselló, Ramon, eds. 2010. La recepció del teatre contemporani, Quaderns de filologia. Estudis literaris, 15. 1135 4178 [Edited Journal]


Marres, Noortje, ed. 2010. Re:publiek der Letteren, De Gids, 3(173). [Edited Journal]


Newman, Saul, ed. 2010. The Libertarian Impulse, Journal of Political Ideologies, . 1356-9317 [Edited Journal]


Seymour, Benedict, ed. 2010. Mute Magazine Vol 2 #15, MUTE MAGAZINE, 2(15). 1356-7748-215 [Edited Journal]

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