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Internal links DonJuanWho - a concept in principle / draft notes for the company [missing file 2010]

ALL LOGS (dec 2005 - jan 2007) 1st SEWING

Don Juan Speaks of himself by Peter Handke - extracts

Don Juan pripoveduje sam Peter Handke - izvlecki

SEWED LOGS november 2005 - june 2006 - 1st sewing

SEWED LOGS september 2006 - november 2006 - 1st sewing (plus additional rewrite)

A LOG UPDATE from the first sewing nov-jun 2006 dreams The vulcan or angry husband scene

Dialogues - creative writing by one or more people

Monologues - creative writing by one or more people

DonJuanProject Questionnaire

DJ Quetoinare finally new answers

Quotations - from reading and other research

Reflections - thoughts that arise

Elaboration - on eg. upstage dialogue: corrections, extensions, extractions [missing file 2010]

Research - recomended reading or viewing

Logs - all previous logs

Comments - about sessions,suggestions ect

Fun stuff - stuff you find on net, links ect.


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Vulva University

Byron's Don Juan

Wikipedia's Don Juan


museum of sex



Dear colleauges, wiki page got some linked pages to be used for our offline work. You are all welcome to use them. first you have to explore wiki a bit. to edit pages you click the desired page and than you click edit button. You'll see some icons which will help you in editing (for bold or italic text, internal or external link...(pointing cursor on them will display what are they for) it is very simple editor but it might be enough for writing purpouses. At the moment it is not possible to upload pictures, but we are working on it. when you finish editing you have possibility to see a preview of your work and how it will look latter on the page; so you can learn how to use wiki. when you are satisfied with your work press save at the bottom of the page. Links which have red colour are still empty. Don't be afraid, wiki is keeping all the versions, so nobody can't make any demage or lost of the material.