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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Newman, Michael. 2017. 'Odradek and the rethinking of political method in the work of art'. In: 4th Biennial Conference of the International Walter Benjamin Society. Worcester College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom 24-27 Sept 2017. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Edited Book

Macfarlane, Kate; Newman, Michael; Kivland, Sharon and Mason, Louis, eds. 2021. On Figure/s: Drawing after Bellmer. London: Ma Bibliothèque. ISBN 9781910055779 [Edited Book]

Newman, Michael and Elkins, James, eds. 2008. The State of Art Criticism. London and New York: Routledge. ISBN 978-0415977876 [Edited Book]

Newman, Michael and Bird, Jon, eds. 1999. Rewriting Conceptual Art. London: Reaktion Books. [Edited Book]

Exhibition Catalogue

Newman, Michael and Comay, Rebecca. 2012. Ghostly Medium: James Coleman’s Charon (MIT Project). [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 2011. 'Joining Hilary Lloyd'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael and Millar, Jeremy. 2004. 'Interrupting the Pan: Marine Hugonnier’s Ariana'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 2003. 'Alfred Jensen's Diagrams'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 2003. Salvage. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 2002. Cristina Iglesias. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 2002. Stuart Brisley. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1999. 'McQueen's Materialism.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1999. Solid Light. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1998. Horizonlessness. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1997. 'Imants Tillers. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1995. 'Memory and Matter.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1993. 'Operation Atopia.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1991. 'Now and Then.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1989. 'Ernesto Tatafiori.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1989. 'John Wilkins' Re-marks.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1988. 'Undecidable Objects.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1986. 'The Postmodern Labyrinth.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1985. 'The Face of Things.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1985. 'Allegories of the Subject.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1982. Bill Woodrow. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1982. 'From Concept to Symbol.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1982. 'Leon Golub.'. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Newman, Michael. 1982. Objects and Figures. [Exhibition Catalogue]


Newman, Michael. 1981. 'Jack Goldstein.'. ZG Magazine, London. [Other]

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