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Flaxman, Paul E.; Stride, Christopher B.; Söderberg, Mia; Lloyd, Joda; Guenole, Nigel and Bond, Frank W.. 2017. Relationships between two dimensions of employee perfectionism, postwork cognitive processing, and work day functioning. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, pp. 1-14. ISSN 1359-432X [Article] (In Press)

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Bond, Frank W.; Hayes, Steven C.; Baer, Ruth A.; Carpenter, Ken M.; Guenole, Nigel; Orcutt, Holly K.; Waltz, Tom and Zettle, Robert D.. 2011. Preliminary psychometric properties of the Acceptance and Action Questionnaire – II: A revised measure of psychological flexibility and acceptance. Behavior Therapy, 42(4), pp. 676-688. ISSN 0005-7894 [Article]

Stark, Stephen; Chernyshenko, Sasha and Guenole, Nigel. 2011. Can subject matter experts' ratings of statement extremity be used to streamline the development of unidimensional pairwise preference scales? Organizational Research Methods, 14(2), pp. 256-278. ISSN 1094-4281 [Article]

Pajo, Karl; Coetzer, Alan and Guenole, Nigel. 2010. Formal development opportunities and withdrawal behaviors by employees in small and medium-sized enterprises. Journal of Small Business Management, 48(3), pp. 281-301. ISSN 00472778 [Article]

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Book Section

Guenole, Nigel and Biggs, David. 2013. Organizational change and development. In: R Lewis and L Zibarras, eds. Work and Occupational Psychology: Integrating Theory and Practice. London: Sage, xxx-xxx. ISBN 9781446260708 [Book Section]

Powell, T; Woodhouse, M and Guenole, Nigel. 2012. Selling Work Analysis. In: M Wilson; W Bennett; S Gibson and G Alliger, eds. In The Handbook of Work Analysis: Methods, Systems, Applications, & Science of Work Measurement in Organizations. New York: Routledge Academic, Taylor & Francis, xxx-xxx. ISBN 1848728700 [Book Section]

Guenole, Nigel; Cheryshenko, O.; Stark, S.; Cockerill, T. and Drasgow, F.. 2011. We're doing better than you might think: a large scale demonstration of assessment centre convergent and discriminant validity. In: Nigel Povah and George Thornton, eds. Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management. London: Gower. ISBN 978-1-4094-0386-9 [Book Section]

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