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Renton, Andrew, ed. 2008. Front of House. London: Parasol unit: foundation for contemporary art. ISBN 978-0-9560247-0-1 [Book]

Renton, Andrew and Rosenthal, Norman. 2004. Jason Martin. Charta. ISBN 8881584832 [Book]

Renton, Andrew and Lapa, P.. 2003. Ângela Ferreira: Em Sítio Algum . No Place at All. Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea. ISBN 9727761895 [Book]

Book Section

Renton, Andrew. 2010. Bergotte's Vermeer and other Histories. In: Wouter Davidts, ed. Crack: Koen van den Broek. Amsterdam: Valiz, Amsterdam; S.M.A.K., Ghent; Lannoo, Tielt, pp. 62-71. ISBN 978 90 78088 41 7 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2009. Ten Fragments (for I.K.). In: Elena Volpato, ed. Ian Kiaer: What Where. Turin: Archive Books, pp. 43-47. [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew and Temin, Kathy. 2009. Running Past a Richard Serra: Kathy Temin and Andrew Renton in Conversation. In: Sue Cramer, ed. Kathy Temin. Melbourne, Australia: Heide Museum of Modern Art, pp. 73-79. ISBN 9781921330124 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2008. Painting Less Subject: Detached Indices and Red Herrings (for K.C.). In: Ben Tufnell, ed. Keith Coventry: Vanishing Certainties. Painting and Sculpture 1992 - 2009. London: Haunch of Venison, pp. 32-33. ISBN 972-1-905620-37-1 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew and White, Laura. 2008. Broken Surface: Belated Forms. In: Laura White, ed. Laura White: the Stuff of Images. Manchester: Castlefield Gallery, unpaginated. ISBN 978-0-9559557-1-6 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2008. “‘…so begin always again and again’: Syntactical Spaces, Indebted Figures in the Work of Muntean/Rosenblum”. In: , ed. Muntean/Rosenblum: Make Death Listen. Zurich: JRP Editions, pp. 92-93. ISBN 978-3905701982 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2007. Another Memory of the Old Home. In: , ed. Ângela Ferreira: Maison Tropicale. Lisbon: Institutos das Artes & Ministério da Cultura, pp. 60-77. ISBN 978-972-99322-8-1 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2007. In Lieu of the Face. In: , ed. Portrait, Landscape, Process, Monochrome. London: Alexia Goethe Gallery, pp. 6-13. ISBN 978-1906463007 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2007. Only you can make this world seem right. In: , ed. Jesper Just - Film Works: Film Works 2001-2007. Rotterdam: Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art, pp. 82-99. ISBN 978-9073362734 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2007. Threshold and its Shadow (for YS). In: , ed. Yehudit Sasportas. Der israelische Pavillon auf der Biennale Venedig. Israeli Pavilion 52nd Biennale Vezezia and Dumont, pp. 39-61. ISBN 978-3832177737 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2006. I saw and know what I saw…: Linder as Witness. In: , ed. Linder: Works 1976-2006. Zurich: JRP Ringier, pp. 128-137. ISBN 3-905701-60-x [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2006. “Public and Private Collecting”. In: , ed. Frieze Projects: Artists' Commissions and Talks: Artists Commissions and Talks 2003-2005. London: Frieze, pp. 137-145. ISBN 978-0955320101 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2006. “Space Girl and the Strange Case of Being in Two Places at the Same Time”. In: , ed. Sophie Von Hellermann: Judgement Day. London: Koenig Books, pp. 162-167. ISBN 978-3865600578 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2006. ’Unknown Content’:Diminished Return. In: , ed. (Re)volver, Lisbon: Plataforma Revolver. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 32-42. [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2006. You are still here…. In: , ed. Mona Hatoum: Hot Spot. White Cube. [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2005. Complications of Absence: Ignasi Aballí and the Constrained Object. In: , ed. 0-24 h. Barcelona: Museo De Arte Contemporáneo De Barcelona = Museu D'art Contemporani De Barcelona, pp. 117-130. ISBN 978-8489771147 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2005. Don’t think you knew you were in this song: How Ziggy Sang Susan. In: , ed. SUSAN PHILIPSZ. Malmo Konsthall, pp. 46-65. ISBN 978-9177041061 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2005. Mushrooms in the Rain: Gerard Hemsworth and the Deceptive Perspective. In: , ed. Gerard Hemsworth, Mushrooms In The Rain (exhibition catalogue). São Paulo: Galeria Brito Cimino, pp. 4-6. [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2005. Prescription Material: You are what you eat. In: , ed. Marc Quinn: Chemical Life Support. London: White Cube, pp. 2-5. ISBN 978-0954650186 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2005. Walking through Wall: Catherine Yass’s Politics of Unseeing. In: , ed. Catherine Yass: Filmography. Fundacio Antoni Tapies, pp. 72-89. ISBN 978-8489152731 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2005. West. In: , ed. The Journey: Dietmar Lutz. London: emilyTsingou Gallery, pp. 23-39. ISBN 978-0953245826 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2003. “Ben Kodesh l’Kodesh” (“...Between what is holy and what is holy”). In: Andrew Renton, ed. Borders of Sanctity in Art, Society and Jewish Thought. Jerusalem: Keter Publishing with Adi Foundation, pp. 146-149. ISBN 965-07-1172-4 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2003. “Conversation between Jonathan Callan, Edward Allington, and Andrew Renton, 4th November 2002, Deptford, London”. In: , ed. Jonathan Callan: Interference. Walsall: New Art Gallery Walsall, pp. 68-71. ISBN 978-0946652662 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2003. Holding Centre. In: , ed. I Only Want You to Love ME. Brighton: Photoworks, pp. 100-103. ISBN 978-1903796092 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. “Aesthetics of the Seamless (Norman Bryson, Mark Gisbourne, Sharon Morris, Andrew Renton, Irit Rogoff)”. In: , ed. Concepts on the Move (Lier & Boog). Amsterdam and New York: Editions Rodopi B.V., pp. 81-92. ISBN 978-9042012691 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. Andrew Renton and Sacha Craddock in Conversation. In: , ed. The Producers: Contemporary Curators in Conversation. Gateshead and Newcastle: Baltic and University of Newcastle, pp. 9-46. ISBN 978-1903655139 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. “Bethan Huws”. In: , ed. 100 Reviews Backwards. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, p. 65. ISBN 978-3883756493 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. “Browser: a Second Visit to the Archive”. In: , ed. Potential: Ongoing Archive. Amsterdam and Southampton: Artimo Foundation Breda, pp. 60-65. ISBN 978-9075380484 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. Correspondence. In: , ed. Ghada Amer. London: Gagosian Gallery, pp. 7-19. ISBN 978-1880154755 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. “Disappearing, Dislodging and Logging Off in B.C.”. In: , ed. The Beachcombers. London: Drawing Room, pp. 11-16. [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. “Douglas Gordon, 24 Hour Psycho”. In: , ed. 100 Reviews Backwards. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, p. 56. ISBN 978-3883756493 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. Five Pieces for A.M. In: , ed. Nothing is Sudden – Arbeiten mit Licht. Köln: StadtRevue Verlag, pp. 10-21. [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. “Ian Davenport, Gary Hume, Michael Landy” and “East Country Yard Show”. In: , ed. 100 Reviews: Backwards. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, pp. 40-48. ISBN 978-3883756493 [Book Section]

Renton, Andrew. 2002. “Modern Medicine”. In: , ed. 100 Reviews: Backwards. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, p. 87. ISBN 978-3883756493 [Book Section]


Phillips, Andrea; Renton, Andrew; Le Feuvre, Lisa and Schmitz, Edgar. 2008. Curating Architecture. [Project]


Renton, Andrew; van den Broek, Koen and Verhoeven, Thibaut. 2010. Koen van den Broek: Curbs and Cracks. In: "Curbs and Cracks", Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent, Belgium, 28 January to 10 May 2010. [Show/Exhibition]

Renton, Andrew. 2008. Art TLV 08: Open Plan Living. In: "Art TLV: Open Plan Living", Helena Rubenstein Pavilion, Museum of Tel Aviv and others, Israel, 27 September 2008 - October 18 2008. [Show/Exhibition]

Renton, Andrew; Corrales, Marcos; Jubelin, Narelle and Ferreira, Angela. 2008. Front of House. In: "Front of House, London", Parasol Unit, United Kingdom, 16 April - 29 May 2008. [Show/Exhibition]

Renton, Andrew. 2006. Stay forever and ever and ever. In: "Stay forever and ever and ever", South London Gallery, 5/2/2006 - 6/24/2006. [Show/Exhibition]

Renton, Andrew and Jubelin, Narelle. 2002. Shumakom ("No place"). In: "Shumakom ("No place")", Beit Ha'omanim (Artists' House), Jerusalem, 5/1/2002 - 6/1/2002. [Show/Exhibition]

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