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Ahmed, Sara; Anim-Addo, Joan; Bernard, Claudia A.; Mirza, Heidi; Puwar, Nirmal and Thobani, Sunera. 2013. 'Screening and Panel Discussion on the work of Angela Davis, Free Angela and Other Political Prisoners'. In: Centre for Feminist Research Screening and Panel Discussion. Goldsmiths, Universirty of London, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2007. The Black Woman as Subject and Object in Britain from 1507. In: Joan Anim-Addo and Suzanne Scafe, eds. I AM BLACK/ WHITE/ YELLOW: An Introduction to the Black Body in Europe. London: Mango Publishing, pp. 17-36. ISBN 978902294186 [Book Section]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2013. Gendering Creolisation: creolising affect. Feminist Review, 104(1), pp. 5-23. ISSN 0141-7789 [Article]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 1995. Longest Journey: A History of Black Lewisham. London: Deptford Forum Publishing. ISBN 9781898536215 [Book]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2003. May a Partially-sighted Black Woman? AGENDA Special Issue on Derek Walcott, 39(1,2,3), pp. 81-82. ISSN 0002-0796 [Article]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2005. Pan-Africanist Women, Modernity, Silence: Amy Ashwood Garvey and other Invisible Activists. In: Giovanna Covi, ed. MODERNIST WOMEN RACE NATION: NETWORKING WOMEN 1890-1950: CIRCUM-ATLANTIC CONNECTIONS. London: Mango Publishing, pp. 96-117. ISBN 1902294297 [Book Section]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2003. Small ironies: Jamaica Kincaid's Small Place as travel writing. Black Travel Writing, 9(1), pp. 191-204. ISSN 1078-0955 [Article]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2013. 'Translational Space and Creolising Aesthetics in Three Women’s Novels: the Diasporic Turn'. In: Perspectives from 'Other' Cultures Translating Cultures. Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom 20-22 September. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2015. Translational Space and Creolising Aesthetics in Three Women’s Novels: the Radical Diasporic (Re)turn. Synthesis: an Anglophone Journal of Comparative Literary Studies(7), pp. 7-22. ISSN 1791-5155 [Article]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2015. Travelling with Imoinda: Art, Authorship, and Critique. Callaloo, 38(3), pp. 570-581. ISSN 0161-2492 [Article]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2016. A screech in the dark. Short Fiction in Theory & Practice, 6(1), pp. 77-83. ISSN 2043-0701 [Article]

Anim-Addo, Joan and Gunaratnam, Yasmin. 2013. Secrets and lies: Narrative methods at the limits of research. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 5(3), pp. 383-396. [Article]

Anim-Addo, Joan and Scafe, Suzanne. 2013. Affect and Gendered Creolisation. Feminist Review, 104(1), pp. 1-4. ISSN 0141-7789 [Article]


Boldrini, Lucia. 1995. (Im)Proper Wife: Robert Graves' Wife to Mr Milton. Focus on Robert Graves and His Contemporaries, 2(4), pp. 15-19. ISSN 0190-650x [Article]

Bonnelame, Natasha. 2016. Translated Modernities: Locating the Modern Subject in Caribbean Literature. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London [Thesis]


Canova-Green, Marie-Claude. 2010. Ballets pour Louis XIII. Danse et politique a la cour de France (1610-1643). Toulouse: Société de Littératures Classiques. ISBN 978-2-908728-63-7 [Book]

Canova-Green, Marie-Claude. 2009. ‘Entre vérité et fiction. Le Discours de l’Entrée triomphante du Duc de Rohan en la ville de Castres, après la publication de la Paix’. In: , ed. Verite et fiction dans les entrees solennelles a la Renaissance et a l'Age classique. Quebec: presses de l'universite Laval, pp. 231-244. ISBN 978-2-7637-8687-2 [Book Section]

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Cogo, Alessia; Inman, Sally; McCormack, Pip and Rogers, Maggie. 2018. Beneath the Surface: how asylum seekers understand and evaluate their well-being.. Project Report. [Report]

Cogo, Alessia and Yanaprasart, Patchareerat. 2018. “English is the language of business”: An exploration of language ideologies in two European corporate contexts. In: Tamah Sherman and Jiri Nekvapil, eds. English in Business and Commerce: Interactions and Policies. Berlin: De Gruyter, pp. 96-116. ISBN 9781501515538 [Book Section]

Covi, Giovanna; Anim-Addo, Joan; Borghi, Liana; Garcia Gomez, Luz; Goodman, Sara; Grenz, Sabine and Karavanta, Mina. 2006. ReSisters in Conversation: Representation Responsibility Complexity Pedagogy. [Printed Ephemera]


Desmarais, Jane H.. 2006. ‘Motherless Child and the Refusal of Maternity’ (‘Enfant sans maman et le refus de la maternité’). In: Moira Inghilleri, ed. Swinging Her Breasts at History: Language, Body and Text in Caribbean Women’s Writing. Mango Publishing, pp. 210-223. ISBN 978-1902294216 [Book Section]

Downie, Alan (J. A.). 2015. Authorial Contexts: Connections between Fielding's Novels and His Legal and Journalistic Writing. In: Jennifer Preston Wilson and Elizabeth Kraft, eds. Approaches to Teaching the Novels of Henry Fielding. 139 New York: The Modern Language Association of America, pp. 48-53. ISBN 978-1-60329-223-8 [Book Section]

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Kramer, Andreas. 2014. "Alles so widersprüchig": Kriegserlebnis und Sprache bei August Stramm. In: Burcu Dogramaci and Friederike Weimar, eds. Sie starben jung! Dichter und Künstler, Ideen und Ideale vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg. Berlin: Gebr. Mann Verlag Berlin, pp. 93-102. ISBN 0783786127048 [Book Section]

Kramer, Andreas. 2017. Carl Einstein, Jewishness, and the Communities of the European Avant-Garde. In: Mark Gelber and Sami Sjoberg, eds. Jewish Aspects in Avant-Garde: Between Rebellion and Revelation. Berlin: de Gruyter, pp. 71-84. ISBN 978-3-11-045495-6 [Book Section]

Kramer, Andreas. 2014. Crash! J. G. Ballards Mythologie der Autobahn. In: Jan Röhnert, ed. Die Metaphorik der Autobahn: Literatur, Kunst, Film und Architektur seit 1945. Colgone, Weimar and Vienna: Bohlau, pp. 175-196. ISBN 9783412224219 [Book Section]

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Kramer, Andreas. 2015. Worte in Freiheit oder gebremste Sprache? Beschleunigung und Verlangsamung in avantgardistischen Fluggedichten. In: Jan Röhnert, ed. Technische Beschleunigung - aesthetische Verlangsamung. Mobile Inszenierung in Literatur, Film, Musik, Alltag und Politik. Cologne, Weimar and Vienna: Boehlau, pp. 173-190. ISBN 9783412501501 [Book Section]



Marl'ene, Edwin. 2011. 'Living the Archive: Joan Anim-Addo and the Case of Imoinda'. In: Islands in Between Conference: Language, Literature and Culture of the Eastern Caribbean. Saint George's, Grenada 3-5 November. [Conference or Workshop Item]

McDonald, Gail. 2013. 'American Scholars: Pound and Emerson'. In: Steven Yao and Michael Coyle, eds. Ezra Pound and Education. Orono, Maine: National Poetry Foundation, pp. 3-21. ISBN 978-0943373775 [Book Section]

McDonald, Gail. 2014. 'The Fugitives'. In: Gail McDonald and David Chinitz, eds. A Companion to Modernist Poetry. Oxford: Wiley-blackwell, pp. 246-56. ISBN 978-0-470-65981-6 [Book Section]

Mooney, Annabelle; Peccei, Jean; LaBelle, Suzanne; Eppler, Eva; Pichler, Pia; Irwin, Anthea; Preece, Siân and Soden, Satori. 2011. Language, Society and Power. An Introduction. Third edition. New York: Routledge. ISBN 9780415576598 [Book]


Nche Andzeuh, Joan. 2020. Questioning the Poetics of Relation and Home in Selected Works of Derek Walcott and Dennis Brutus. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London [Thesis]


Osborne, Deirdre. 2017. 'Becoming and Un-becoming: Securing ‘selves’ in the memoir-fiction of Maxine Beneba Clarke'. In: Caribbean In/Securities and Creativity: Diasporic Dialogues. The British Library, London, United Kingdom 25 June 2017. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Osborne, Deirdre. 2017. 'You think remembering me is enough. It’s not” (from ‘At the Grave of the Unknown African, Henbury Parish Church’): The Landmark Poetics of Fred D’Aguiar and Dorothea Smartt'. In: The Complete Works Diversity in UK Poetry Conference. Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]


Parnell, Tim. 2009. ‘The Sermons of Mr. Yorick: the commonplace and the rhetoric of the heart’. In: Thomas Keymer, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Laurence Sterne. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 64-78. ISBN ISBN 970521849722 [Book Section]


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Sweeney, Carole. 2017. 'Keeping the Ruins Private': Anna Kavan and Heroin Addiction. Women: A Cultural Review, 28(4), pp. 312-326. ISSN 0957-4042 [Article]


Thompson, Rachel Grace. 2015. Narratives of Return : The Contemporary Caribbean Woman Writer and the Quest for Home.. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London [Thesis]


Vakil, Ardashir (Ardu). 2003. 'One Day'. London: Penguin Group (Hamish Hamilton). ISBN 0-241-14132-X [Book]

Vakil, Ardashir (Ardu). 2008. 'Teaching Creative Writing'. Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education, 15(2), pp. 157-167. ISSN 1358-684X [Article]

Vakil, Ardashir (Ardu). 2013. 'Yearning and its Uses'. Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education, 20(1), pp. 34-45. ISSN 1358-684X [Article]


Wade, Chloe. 2013. 'Whose history? Diasporic remembering in Dorothea Smartt's ship shape'. In: Perspectives from ‘Other’ Cultures Translating Culture’. Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom 20-22 September. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Wood, Naomi. 2012. The Picador Book of 40. In: Charlotte Grieg, ed. The Picador Book of 40. London: Picador. ISBN 9781447219040 [Book Section]

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