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Ahmed, Sara. 1999. Passing Through Hybridity. In: Vikki Bell, ed. Performativity & Belonging. SAGE Publications, pp. 87-106. ISBN 978-0761965237 [Book Section]

Bell, Vikki. 1999. "Appearance: Thinking Difference in the Political Realm with Hannah Arendt". In: , ed. Feminist Imagination: Genealogies in Feminist Theory. London: Sage, pp. 62-84. ISBN 0803979711 [Book Section]

Blackman, Lisa. 1999. Beyond the fragile chains we call autonomy. In: C Tolman, ed. Recent Trends in Theoretical Psychology. Ontario: Captus Press. ISBN 1 0896691 07507 [Book Section]

Blinder, Caroline. 1999. ‘Between the Unimagined and the Imagined: Photographic Aesthetics and Literary Illumination in James Agee’s Let Us Now Praise Famous Men’. In: Wim Tigges, ed. Moments of Moment: Aspects of the Literary Epiphany. Amsterdam/Atlanta: Brill | Rodopi. ISBN 978-9042006362 [Book Section]

Boldrini, Lucia. 1999. The Ragged Edge of Miracles; or, A Word or Two On Those Jack Hodgins Novels. In: Elsa Linguanti; Francesco Casotti and Carmen Concilio, eds. Coterminous Worlds: Magical Realism and Contemporary Post-Colonial Literature in English. Amesterdam: Rodopi, pp. 83-101. ISBN 9789042004481 [Book Section]

Butt, Gavin. 1999. The Greatest Homosexual? Camp Pleasure and the Performative Body of Larry Rivers’. In: Amelia Jones and Andrew Stephenson, eds. Performing the Body/ Performing the Text. Routledge, pp. 107-126. ISBN 9780415190602 [Book Section]

Caplan, Pat. 1999. 'Where have all the young girls gone? Gender and sex ratios on Mafia Island, Tanzania'. In: P. Forster and S. Maghimbi, eds. Agrarian Economy, State and Society in Contemporary Tanzania. Avebury Press: Aldershot. [Book Section]

Caplan, Pat and Keane, A.. 1999. 'Health Professionals' Concepts of Healthy Eating'. In: B.M. Koehler; E. Feichtinger; E. Dowler and G. Winkler, eds. Public Health and Nutrition: The Challenge. Berlin: Edition Sigma, Rainer Bohn Verlag, pp. 228-244. [Book Section]

Chilver, John. 1999. 'On DJ Simpson', a dialogue with Dave Beech. In: Shahin Alfrassiabi, ed. Beck's Futures 2001 (Art Catalogue). University of Pennsylvania,Institute of Contemporary Art. ISBN 978-1900300315 [Book Section]

Crownshaw, Richard. 1999. Ethnic Identity and Cultural Heritage: Belsen in the Museum. In: Jane Stokes and Anna Reading, eds. The Media in Britain: Current Debates and Developments (Media, Culture & Society). Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 295-302. ISBN 978-0333730638 [Book Section]

Davis, Aeron. 1999. Media Organisations in Society: Central Issues. In: James P. Curran, ed. Media Organisations in Society. London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 19-65. ISBN 978-0340720158 [Book Section]

Davis, Aeron. 1999. Public Relations Campaigning and News Production: The Case of New Unionism in Britain. In: James P. Curran, ed. Media Organisations in Society. London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 173-192. ISBN 978-0340720158 [Book Section]

Greenhill, Joanne and Walsh, Bernard. 1999. The Snake in the Grass / Raising Dirt. In: Jacquie Swift and John Swift, eds. Disciplines, Fields and Change in Art Education. 1 ARTicle Press. ISBN 1-873352-92-1 [Book Section]

Harman, Mark; Fox, Chris; Hierons, Robert; Binkley, Dave and Danicic, Sebastian. 1999. Program simplification as a means of approximating undecidable propositions. In: , ed. 7th IEEE International Workshop on Program Comprenhesion (IWPC'99). Los Alamitos, California, USA: IEEE Computer Society Press, pp. 208-217. [Book Section]

Harris, Mark. 1999. Pipilotti Rist's Music. In: , ed. Wishing for Synchronicity: Works by Pipilotti Rist. Houston, Texas: Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, pp. 14-23. ISBN 978-1-933619-17-0 [Book Section]

Hill, Elisabeth L. and Wing, A. M.. 1999. The use of grip force to compensate for inertial forces during voluntary movement. In: K. Connolly, ed. The Psychobiology of the Hand. London: Mac Keith Press, pp. 199-212. [Book Section]

Lai, Phillip. 1999. Contribution to Bent Aura. In: , ed. Bent aura (STOPSTOP). STOPSTOP. ISBN 978-1902052014 [Book Section]

McRobbie, Angela. 1999. The Es and the Anti Es: New Questions for Feminism and Cultural Studies. In: Peter Golding and Marjorie Ferguson, eds. Cultural Studies In Question. London: SAGE, pp. 170-186. ISBN 978-0803979246 [Book Section]

McVeigh, Simon. 1999. The Benefit Concert in Nineteenth-Century London: From 'tax on the nobility' to 'monstrous nuisance'. In: Bennett Zon, ed. Nineteenth-Century British Music Studies 1. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 242-266. ISBN 1840142596 [Book Section]

Nelson, Nici. 1999. 'Urban Poverty in Africa: A Historical Perspective'. In: Sue Jones and Nici Nelson, eds. Urban Poverty in Africa: From Understanding to Alleviation. London: Intermediate Technology Publications, pp. 1-8. ISBN 978-1853394744 [Book Section]

Newman, Michael. 1999. 'Form in the Age of the World Picture: A Reading of Panofsky's Perspective as "Symbolic Form",'. In: , ed. La Part de l'Oeil, N° 15-16 : Problème de la Kunstwissenschaft. Brussels: Holger Schmid. ISBN 978-2930174105 [Book Section]

Newman, Michael. 1999. Joe Scanlan's Nesting Bookcases: Duchamp, Design and the Impossibility of Disappearing. In: , ed. Rewriting Conceptual Art. London: Reaktion Books. [Book Section]

Noble, Richard and Blazwick, Iwona. 1999. ‘The Phenomenology of Play’. In: , ed. Annie Ratti. Como and Milan: Centre for Contemporary Art. [Book Section]

O'Sullivan, Simon D.. 1999. 'Guy DeBord'. In: Ellis Cashmore and Chris Rojek, eds. Dictionary of Cultural Theorists. London: Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 978-0340645482 [Book Section]

Sheikh, Simon. 1999. Christiania: Netzwerke der Anti-Disziplin’ / ‘Christiania: Networks of Anti-Discipline. In: , ed. 45. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen Festival Katalog 1999. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 89-93. [Book Section]

Sheikh, Simon. 1999. Close-Up, Face Off – Contemporary Art, Film and Fragmentation. In: , ed. Close-Ups – Contemporary Art and Carl Th. Dreyer. NIFCA & Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, pp. 93-96. [Book Section]

Sheikh, Simon. 1999. Imagining Berlin – Some Attempts at Entries into a City Space. In: Ute Meta Bauer, ed. Komplex Berlin (Complex Berlin) : 3rd Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. Koln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, pp. 148-160. ISBN 978-3883757889 [Book Section]

Sheikh, Simon. 1999. ‘Melting in Time 1995’. In: , ed. Kirsten Justesen: Re Kollektion. Aalborg: Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, p. 44. [Book Section]

Sheikh, Simon. 1999. ‘Spillets Regler. Bemærkninger om kunstobjektet, kunstrummet og kunstscenen’. In: Hans Dam Christensen; Anders Michelsen and Jacob Wamberg, eds. Kunstteori. Copenhagen: Borgen, pp. 361-382. ISBN 978-8721011277 [Book Section]

Smirnov, Dmitri. 1999. Symbolism in the Flute Concerto by Edison Denisov (Russian). In: Various, ed. SVET. DOBRO. VECHNOST. Moscow: Moskovskaja Gosudarstvennaja konservatorija, pp. 369-381. ISBN 978-5895980521 [Book Section]

Smith, Kate. 1999. unknown. In: , ed. Art & Outrage: Provocation, Controversy and the Visual Arts. Pluto Press, pp. 155-159. ISBN 978-0745313542 [Book Section]

Turner, Joan. 1999. Academic Literacy and the Discourse of Transparency. In: Carys Jones; Joan Turner and Brian Street, eds. Students Writing in the University: Cultural and Epistemological Issues. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 149-160. ISBN 978-1556193866 [Book Section]

Turner, Joan. 1999. Academic Writing Development in Higher Education: Changing the Discourse. In: Paul Thompson, ed. Academic Writing Development in Higher Education: Perspectives, Explorations and Approaches. University of Reading: Centre for Applied Language Studies, pp. 36-48. ISBN 978-0704913677 [Book Section]

Turner, Joan. 1999. Problematising the Language Problem. In: Hilary Bool and Philip Lufford, eds. Academic Standards and Expectations. The Role of EAP. Nottingham: Nottingham University Press, pp. 59-66. ISBN 978-1897676691 [Book Section]

Vakil, Ardashir (Ardu). 1999. The Whole Biryani. In: , ed. Fourth Estate. UNSPECIFIED. [Book Section]

Velmans, Max. 1999. Perception, attention, and consciousness. In: C. Taddei-Ferretti and C. Musio, eds. Neuronal Bases and Psychological Aspects of Consciousness. River Edge, New Jersey: New World Scientific Press, pp. 111-124. ISBN 9789810235970 [Book Section]

Velmans, Max. 1999. Understanding consciousness: beyond dualism and reductionism. In: C. Taddei-Ferretti and C. Musio, eds. Neuronal Bases and Psychological Aspects of Consciousness. River Edge, New Jersey: New World Scientific Press, pp. 458-468. ISBN 9789810235970 [Book Section]

Walsh, Bernard. 1999. Take Place. In: Andrew Cross; Simon Grennan and Nicola Stephenson, eds. Public Sightings: The Public Art Programme of the UK Year of Photograpy and Electronic Image. PHOTOARTS 2000 (Photo 98), pp. 1-127. ISBN 0953571106 [Book Section]

White, Laura. 1999. Everything you do counts here. In: , ed. Everything You Do Counts Here: Laura White at the Margaret Harvey Gallery. University of Hertfordshire,Faculty of Art & Design. ISBN 978-1898543350 [Book Section]

d'Inverno, Mark and Luck, Michael. 1999. Agent Models and Plans. In: , ed. Agent Models and Plans. -: Springer Hungarica, pp. 44-58. ISBN - [Book Section]

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