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Drever, John L., ed. 2001. Sound Practice. [Edited Journal]

Ahmed, Sara and Stacey, Jackie, eds. 2001. Testimonial Cultures . [Edited Journal]


Harris, Rachel and Norton, Barley, eds. 2002. Red Ritual: Ritual Music and Communism. [Edited Journal]


Wood, John and Fry, Tony, eds. 2003. The Design Philosophy Papers. [Edited Journal]

Wood, John and Lowenstein, Oliver, eds. 2003. The Fourth Door Review. [Edited Journal]

Hickey Moody, Anna; Edwards, Jan; Harwood, Valerie; Kamlar-Kumar, Margaret and Rasmussen, Mary Lou, eds. 2003. Melbourne Studies in Education. Special edition ‘Inclusive Methodologies for Educational Inquiry’ . [Edited Journal]

Ahmed, Sara and Fortier, Anne-Marie , eds. 2003. ‘Re-Imagining Communities’. [Edited Journal]




Ahmed, Sara and Swan, Elaine, eds. 2006. Doing Diversity Work’. [Edited Journal]


Okagbue, Osita, ed. 2007. African Performance Review. [Edited Journal]

Tarlo, Emma and Moors, Annelies, eds. 2007. Special Issue: Muslim Fashions. [Edited Journal]

Jefferies, Janis K. and Brown, Paul, eds. 2007. Special issue of Digital Creativity . [Edited Journal]


Boldrini, Lucia and Mussgnug, Florian, eds. 2008. Comparative Critical Studies: Folly. [Edited Journal]

Kember, Sarah, ed. 2008. Editorial. [Edited Journal]

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Fusco, Maria, ed. 2008. The Happy Hypocrite #1. [Edited Journal]

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Fusco, Maria, ed. 2008. The Happy Hypocrite #2. [Edited Journal]

Newman, Saul, ed. 2008. Postanarchism. [Edited Journal]


Joncus, Berta, ed. 2009. Eighteenth-Century Music . [Edited Journal]

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Fusco, Maria, ed. 2009. The Happy Hypocrite #4. [Edited Journal]

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Fusco, Maria, ed. 2009. The Happy Hypocrite #3. [Edited Journal]


Dalley, Tessa; Jones, Kevin; Edwards , Dave; Brown, Christopher; Gilroy, Andrea and Meyerwitz-Katz, Julia, eds. 2010. ATOL Art Therapy Online: a Journal of Art, Therapy, Politics and Culture. [Edited Journal]

Fuggle, Sophie and Nicolet Anderson, Valerie, eds. 2010. Foucault/Paul: Special Issue of Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory. [Edited Journal]

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Fusco, Maria, ed. 2010. The Happy Hypocrite #5. [Edited Journal]

Coleman, Rebecca and Ferreday, Debra, eds. 2010. Hope and Feminist Theory. [Edited Journal]

London, John; Sirera, Josep Lluís and Rosselló, Ramon, eds. 2010. La recepció del teatre contemporani. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco and Sahin, Ozden, eds. 2010. Mish Mash. [Edited Journal]

Fisher, Andrew and Rubenstein, Daniel, eds. 2010. Philosophy of photography. [Edited Journal]

Benzecry, Caudio and Krause, Monika, eds. 2010. Special Issue on Knowledge in Practice. [Edited Journal]

Edwin, Marl'ene; Bonnelame, Natasha and Marima, Tendai, eds. 2010. A Special Postgraduate Issue of New Mango Season. [Edited Journal]

Donner, Henrike and Chari, Sharad, eds. 2010. Special Special Double Issue: Ethnography and Activism. [Edited Journal]

Hickey Moody, Anna; Savage, Glenn and Windle, Joel, eds. 2010. Special edition 'Pedagogy Writ Large'. [Edited Journal]

Marres, Noortje, ed. 2010. Re:publiek der Letteren. [Edited Journal]

Newman, Saul, ed. 2010. The Libertarian Impulse. [Edited Journal]

, ed. 2010. Mute Magazine Vol 2 #15. [Edited Journal]


Alexander, Sally A. and Howkins, Alun, eds. 2011. History’s Value?. [Edited Journal]

Newman, Saul, ed. 2011. The Libertarian Impulse’. [Edited Journal]

Grant, Catherine and Rubin, Patricia, eds. 2011. Special Issue: Creative Writing and Art History. [Edited Journal]


Aceti, Lanfranco; Penny, Simon and Sahin, Ozden, eds. 2012. DAC09: After Media: Embodiment and Context. [Edited Journal]

Lee, Rebekah and Vaughan, Megan, eds. 2012. Death and Loss in Africa, special issue of African Studies. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Milovac, Tihomir and Sahin, Ozden, eds. 2012. Dislocations. [Edited Journal]

Wolf, Nicole and Sarkar, Bhaskar, eds. 2012. Documentary Theory and Practice in South Asia. [Forthcoming]. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Dziekan, Vince and Sahin, Ozden, eds. 2012. E-Scapes: Artistic Explorations of Nature and Science. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Sahin, Ozden and Ackerman, Andrea, eds. 2012. ISEA2011 Uncontainable. [Edited Journal]

Lee, Rebekah and Vaughan , Megan, eds. 2012. Special Issue on Death and Loss in Africa. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Jefferies, Janis K.; Papadimitriou, Irini; Munro, Jonathan and Sahin, Ozden, eds. 2012. Touch and Go. [Edited Journal]


Turner, Lynn and Kelley, Lindsay , eds. 2013. Bon Appetit. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Kholeif, Omar and Sahin, Ozden, eds. 2013. Far and Wide. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Gibson, Steve; Muller Arisona, Stefan and Sahin, Ozden, eds. 2013. Live Visuals. [Edited Journal]

Boldrini, Lucia; Grishakova, Marina and Reynolds, Matthew, eds. 2013. New Work in Comparative Literature in Europe. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Rinehart, Richard; Sahin, Ozden; Munro, Jonathan and Weir, Catherine M., eds. 2013. Not Here Not There. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Rinehart, Richard; Sahin, Ozden; Munro, Jonathan and Weir, Catherine M., eds. 2013. Not Here Not There Part 2. [Edited Journal]

Ruppert, Evelyn and Law, John, eds. 2013. The Social Life of Methods: Devices. [Edited Journal]

Ruppert, Evelyn; Law, John and Savage, Mike, eds. 2013. The Social Life of Methods: Digital Devices. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Leishman, Donna; Calvert, Sheena and Sahin, Ozden, eds. 2013. Without Sin: Freedom and Taboo in Digital Media. [Edited Journal]


Lloyd, Christopher; Brinded, Nicolas and Vandivinit, Gilles, eds. 2014. American Exceptionalism in the Twenty-First Century. [Edited Journal]

Aceti, Lanfranco; Jaschko , Susanne; Stallabras, Julian and Balaskas, Bill, eds. 2014. Red Art: New Utopias in Data Capitalism. [Edited Journal]

Imrie, Rob and Luck, Rachael, eds. 2014. Special Issue on Universal Design . [Edited Journal]


O'Brien, David, ed. 2015. Cultural Trends . [Edited Journal]

Povall, R; Drever, John L.; Hartley , J; Wallen , J and Zakis, R, eds. 2015. Special issue: ‘Arts And Ecology: Emerging Uses For Digital Technologies’. [Edited Journal]


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