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Ahmed, Sara. 2000. Who Knows? Knowing Strangers and Strangerness. Australian Feminist Studies, 15(31), pp. 49-68. ISSN 0816-4649 [Article]

Ahmed, Sara. 2000. Whose Counting? Feminist Theory, 1(1), pp. 97-103. ISSN 1464-7001 [Article]

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Harris, Perlita. 2000. User views on the delivery of post-adoption services, Work in Progress. Adoption and Fostering, 24(3), pp. 71-72. ISSN 0308-5759 [Article]

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Hughston, L P. 2000. Not for the Faint-Hearted. Risk, 13(2), p. 59. ISSN 0952-8776 [Article]

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Hutnyk, John. 2000. Music for Euro-Maoists: On the Correct Handling of Contradictions among Pop Stars. Theory, Culture & Society, 17(3), pp. 136-158. ISSN 0263-2764 [Article]

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Khiabany, Gholam. 2000. Red Pepper: a New Model for Alternative Press? Media, Culture and Society, 22(4), pp. 447-463. ISSN 0163-4437 [Article]

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Liebovich, Betty. 2000. Children's Self Assessment. Issues in Early Childhood Education: Curriculum, Teacher Education, & Dissemination of Information. Proceedings of the Lilian Katz Symposium (Champaign, IL, November 5-7, 2000), [Article]

Marres, Noortje and Rogers, Richard. 2000. Landscaping Climate Change: A mapping technique for understanding science & technology debates on the World Wide Web. Public Understanding of Science, 9(2), pp. 141-163. ISSN 0963-6625 [Article]

McRobbie, Angela. 2000. Brave Madchen: Bose Madchen. Gewerkschaftliche Monateschefte, 12, [Article]

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Motamedi-Fraser, Mariam. 2000. Creative affects. New Formations, 39, pp. 55-69. ISSN 0950-2378 [Article]

Mörtenböck, Peter. 2000. Swimming Between Ponds: technological subjects, corporate landscapes, digital bodies. architektur.aktuell, 34(246/47), pp. 108-117. ISSN 0570-6602 [Article]

Newman, Saul. 2000. Anarchism and the Politics of Ressentiment. Theory and Event, 4(3), [Article]

O'Sullivan, Simon D.. 2000. In Violence: Three Case Studies Against the Stratum. Parallax, 6(2), pp. 104-109. ISSN 1353-4645 [Article]

O'Sullivan, Simon D.; Sawers, Geoff and Hall, Dani. 2000. Stone Tents and Sand Castles: A Symposium. [Article]

Ogg, Kirsty. 2000. Interview text, Jonathan Monk. Bildung exhibition catalogue, [Article]

Pandey, Rajyashree. 2000. “The medieval in manga”. Postcolonial Studies, 3(1), pp. 19-32. ISSN 1368-8790 [Article]

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Plamper, Jan. 2000. The Russian Orthodox Episcopate, 1721-1917: A Prosopography. Journal of Social History, 34(1), pp. 5-34. ISSN 1527-1897 [Article]

Potter, Keith. 2000. Booklet essay for Philip Glass: Violin Concerto, Prelude and Dance from Akhnaten and Company (Naxos 8 554568). Philip Glass: Violin Concerto, Prelude and Dance from Akhnaten and Company, [Article]

Potter, Keith. 2000. 'Notes on Cage'. 'John Cage: The Seasons' (ECM New Series 1696), [Article]

Potter, Keith. 2000. A ripe harvest of Eastern promise. The Independent, p. 16. [Article]

Pryer, Anthony J.. 2000. Machaut and the Moderns: A Distant Mirror. BBC Music Magazine, pp. 26-28. [Article]

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Rosenberg, Terry E.. 2000. "The reservoir": towards a poetic model of research in design. Working Papers in Art and Design, 1, ISSN 1466-4917 [Article]

Rosengarten, Marsha. 2000. Thinking menstrual blood. Australian Feminist Studies, 15(31), pp. 91-101. ISSN 0816-4649 [Article]

Seymour, Benedict. 2000. Coral Maze. Mute, 1(17), [Article]

Seymour, Benedict. 2000. Everything Must Go. Mute, 1(16), [Article]

Seymour, Benedict. 2000. Rabble Rousers. Mute, 1(18), [Article]

Seymour, Benedict. 2000. Review ‘Club Circuits’. Public Art Journal, [Article]

Seymour, Benedict. 2000. Review ‘Wooden Heart’. Art Monthly, 235, [Article]

Shain, Farzana. 2000. Culture, Survival and Resistance: theorizing young Asian women’s experiences and strategies in contemporary British schooling and society. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 21(2), pp. 155-174. ISSN 0159-6306 [Article]

Skeggs, Bev. 2000. Remaining the Same with Difference. Feminist Review, 64, pp. 122-123. ISSN 0141-7789 [Article]

Stanton, Gareth. 2000. The Way of the Body: Paul Stoller’s search for sensuous ethnography. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 3(2), pp. 259-277. ISSN 1367-5494 [Article]

Stewart, Lauren and Walsh, Vincent. 2000. Probing the mind with magnetism. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, pp. 84-86. ISSN 1471-1931 [Article]

Sweeney, Carole. 2000. ‘Diasporic Voices in Pre-Negritude Paris’. Southampton Papers in Language and Culture, 1, [Article]

Toscano, Alberto. 2000. To Have Done with the End of Philosophy. Pli: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy, 9, pp. 220-238. [Article]

Walsh, Bernard. 2000. A review of Janet Cardiff’s Missing Voice (Case Study B). Public Art Journal, 1(3), pp. 69-71. ISSN 1465-7376 [Article]

Warrington, Elizabeth K. and Davidoff, Jules B.. 2000. Failure at object identification improves mirror image matching. Neuropsychologia, 38(9), pp. 1229-1234. ISSN 00283932 [Article]

Zecevic, Nada. 2000. A Consideration on a Datum from Διήγησις περί της Αγίας. Zbornik radova vizantološkog instituta, 38, pp. 43-48. ISSN 0584-9888 [Article]

Zecevic, Nada. 2000. Searching for Acceptance: A Fifteenth-century Refugee’s History. Annual of the Medieval Studies at the CEU, 6, pp. 129-143. ISSN 1219-0616 [Article]

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