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Spufford, Francis and Uglow, Jenny, eds. 1997. Cultural Babbage: Technology, Time and Invention. Faber & Faber. ISBN 978-0571172436 [Edited Book]

Caplan, Pat, ed. 1997. Food, Health and Identity: Approaches from the Social Sciences. Routledge. ISBN 978-0415156806 [Edited Book]

Dooley, Maura, ed. 1997. Making for Planet Alice: New Women Poets. Bloodaxe Press. ISBN 978-1852243982 [Edited Book]

Canova-Green, Marie-Claude and Le Calvez, Eric, eds. 1997. Texte(s) et Intertexte(s). Brill | Rodopi . ISBN 978-9042003552 [Edited Book]

Abrahams, S, Goldstein, LH, Al-Chalabi, A, Pickering, Alan, Morris, RG, Passingham, RE, Brooks, DJ and Leigh, PN. 1997. Relation between cognitive dysfunction and pseudobulbar palsy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, 62(5), pp. 464-472. ISSN 0022-3050 [Article]

Abrahams, S, Pickering, Alan, Polkey, CE and Morris, RG. 1997. Spatial memory deficits in patients with unilateral damage to the right hippocampal formation. Neuropsychologia, 35(1), pp. 11-24. ISSN 0028-3932 [Article]

Ahmed, Sara. 1997. Intimate Touches: Proximity and Distance in International Feminist Dialogues. Oxford Literary Review, 19(1-2), pp. 19-46. ISSN 0305-1498 [Article]

Ahmed, Sara. 1997. ‘“It's a sun tan, isn't it?”: Auto-biography as an Identificatory Practice'. In: Heidi Mirza, ed. Black British Feminism: A Reader. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 153-167. ISBN 978-0415152891 [Book Section]

Ayers, S and Pickering, Alan. 1997. Psychological factors and ultrasound: differences between routine and high-risk scans. Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology, 9(2), pp. 76-79. ISSN 0960-7692 [Article]

Canova-Green, Marie-Claude. 1997. 'Le XVIIIe siècle: un siècle du théâtre'. In: Alain Viala, ed. Le Théâtre en France. Presses Universitaires de France - PUF . ISBN 978-2130571957 [Book Section]

Canova-Green, Marie-Claude and de Benserade, Isaac . 1997. Ballets pour Louis XIV. Société de Littératures Classiques . ISBN 978-2908728170 [Book]

Corr, Philip J, Pickering, Alan and Gray, Jeffrey A. 1997. Personality, punishment, and procedural learning: a test of J. A. Gray's anxiety theory. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 73(2), pp. 337-344. ISSN 0022-3514 [Article]

Davidoff, Jules B., Walsh, Vincent and Wagemans, Johan. 1997. Higher-level cortical processing of colour. Acta Psychologica, 97(1), pp. 1-6. ISSN 00016918 [Article]

Desmarais, Jane H.. 1997. Honoré de Balzac’. In: , ed. The Novel. University of London. ISBN 07187 14342 [Book Section]

Desmarais, Jane H.. 1997. The Musical Analogy in Beardsley Criticism 1898-1914. Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies, 6, pp. 64-90. ISSN 1060-149X [Article]

Downie, Alan (J. A.). 1997. 'The Making of the English Novel'. Eighteenth-Century Fiction, 9(3), pp. 249-266. [Article]

Downie, Alan (J. A.). 1997. 'Swift and Jacobitism'. ELH: English Literary History , 64(4), pp. 887-901. ISSN 0013-8304 [Article]

Dragovic-Soso, Jasna. 1997. Les intellectuels serbes dans les annees 1980. In: Marie-Christine Granjon, Nicole Racine and Michel Trebitsch, eds. Histoire comparee des intellectuels. Paris: CNRS/IHTP, pp. 129-141. [Book Section]

Dragovic-Soso, Jasna. 1997. Les intellectuels serbes et la 'question' du Kosovo, 1981-1987. Relations internationales(89), pp. 53-70. ISSN 0-335-2013 [Article]

Fraser, Mariam. 1997. Feminism, Foucault and Deleuze. Theory, Culture & Society, 14(2), pp. 23-37. ISSN 0263-2764 [Article]

Fraser, Mariam. 1997. Lose Your Face. In: Phoebe Davidson and Bi Academic Intervention, eds. The Bisexual Imaginary: Representation, Identity and Desire. London: Cassell, p. 38. ISBN 0-304-33744-7 [Book Section]

Furse, Anna F. D.. 1997. AUGUSTINE (Big Hysteria). London: Routledge. ISBN 978-3718659357 [Book]

Gray, NS, Pickering, Alan, Gray, JA, Jones, Steven H, Abrahams, S and Hemsley, DR. 1997. Kamin blocking is not disrupted by amphetamine in human subjects. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 11(4), pp. 301-311. ISSN 0269-8811 [Article]

Harvey, Stella. 1997. Myth and the Sacred in the Poetry of Guillevic. Amsterdam & Atlanta: Brill | Rodopi . ISBN 978-9042003453 [Book]

Hickey Moody, Anna. 1997. Sex Juggling . In: "Sex Juggling (including the Darwin Youth Dance Festival, Top End Tour & School Workshop Series)", The Junction Hall, Adelaide, Australia. [Performance]

Hull, Richard. 1997. “Governing the Conduct of Computing: Computer Science, the Social Sciences, and Frameworks of Computing”. Accounting, Management and Information Technologies, 7(4), pp. 213-240. ISSN 0959-8022 [Article]

Ivashkin, Alexander V. and Oerhlein, Josef. 1997. Rostrospektive: zum Leben und Werk von Mstislaw Rostropowitsch. On the life and achievement of Mstislav Rostropovich. Frankfurt-Schweinfurth: Reimund Maier Verlag. ISBN 3-926300-30-2 [Book]

Johnstone, Stephen and Ellard, Graham. 1997. Photographic project. COIL, 4, [Article]

Kanjilal, Partha. P. and Bhattacharya, Joydeep. 1997. An instrument for noninvasive continuous measurement of blood pressure using a finger cuff. Journal of Anaesthesiology & Clinical Pharmacology, 13, pp. 283-289. ISSN 0970-9185 [Article]

King, Vanessa. 1997. Ealdred of York: the Worcester Years. In: Christopher Harper-Bill, ed. Anglo-Norman Studies XIX: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1996. Boydell Press . ISBN 978-0851157078 [Book Section]

Knight, Stephen E.. 1997. Dream City Cinema. Bloodaxe Books Ltd. ISBN 978-1852243760 [Book]

Lai, Phillip. 1997. Phillip Lai, The Showroom . [Exhibition Catalogue]

Luck, Michael, Griffiths, Nathan and d'Inverno, Mark. 1997. From agent theory to agent construction: A case study. In: Jörg P. Müller, Michael J. Wooldridge and Nicholas R. Jennings, eds. Intelligent Agents III Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages. 1193 Berlin, Germany: Springer, pp. 49-63. ISBN 9783540625070 [Book Section]

McDonald, Russ. 1997. “Odious Tandem,” Introduction to Shakespeare and Jonson / Jonson and Shakespeare. In: Robert Watson, ed. Critical Essays on Ben Jonson. G K Hall . ISBN 978-0783800431 [Book Section]

McDonald, Russ. 1997. Reading The Tempest. In: Donald Kesey, ed. Contexts for Criticism. McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages; 3 edition . ISBN 978-1559348447 [Book Section]

McDonald, Russ. 1997. Shakespeare With Tears. Shakespeare Magazine, I(3), [Article]

Moore-Gilbert, Bart J.. 1997. Postcolonial Theory: Contexts, Practices, Politics. London: Verso Books. ISBN 978-1859840344 [Book]

Negus, Keith, Du Gay, Paul, Hall, Stuart, Janes, Linda and Mackay, Hugh. 1997. Doing Cultural Studies: The Story of the Sony Walkman. London: Sage. ISBN 0-7619-5402-3 [Book]

Nugent, Stephen. 1997. ‘Amazonian Indians and Peasants: Coping in the Age of Development’. In: Helen Collinson, ed. Green Guerrillas. Black Rose Books , pp. 84-92. ISBN 978-1551640662 [Book Section]

Nugent, Stephen. 1997. ‘The Co-ordinates of identity in Amazonia: At Play in the Fields of Culture’. Critique of Anthropology, 17(1), pp. 33-51. ISSN 0308-275X [Article]

Pickering, Alan. 1997. Conditioning and learning. In: Andrew Baum, ed. Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health, and Medicine. Cambridge, UK; New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, pp. 12-17. ISBN 9780521430739 [Book Section]

Pickering, Alan. 1997. The conceptual nervous system and personality: From Pavlov to neural networks. European Psychologist, 2(2), pp. 139-163. ISSN 1016-9040 [Article]

Pickering, Alan, Corr, Philip J, Powell, Jane H, Kumari, Veena, Thornton, Jasper C and Gray, Jeffrey A. 1997. Individual differences in reactions to reinforcing stimuli are neither black nor white: To what extent are they Gray? In: Helmuth Nyborg, ed. The scientific study of human nature : tribute to Hans J. Eysenck at eighty. Oxford; New York: Elsevier Science, pp. 36-67. ISBN 9780585474496 [Book Section]

Pickering, Alan, Hernaiz, H and Gray, JA. 1997. El uso del reforzamiento verbal en la teoría de Gray: Un estudio piloto. Revista de psicología general y aplicada: Revista de la Federación Española de Asociaciones de Psicología, 50(1), pp. 61-71. ISSN 0373-2002 [Article]

Pine, Frances T.. 1997. “Pilfering culture: Gorale identity in post-socialist Poland”. Paragraph, 20(1), pp. 59-74. ISSN 0264-8334 [Article]

Puwar, Nirmal. 1997. Reflections on Interviewing Women MPs. Sociological Research Online, 2(1), ISSN 13607804 [Article]

Rossell, Deac (W. F. D.). 1997. Jenseits Messter -- die ersten Berliner Kinematographen-Anbieter in Berlin. KINtop 6, Jahrbuch zur Erforschung des frühen Films, ISSN 1024-1906 [Article]

Rossell, Deac (W. F. D.). 1997. Ottomar Anschütz and his Electrical Wonder. The Projection Box . ISBN 978-0952394181 [Book]

Rossell, Deac (W. F. D.). 1997. Trescientos años de entretenimiento cinematografico. Revista Archivos de la Filmoteca, 25-26, [Article]

Simpson, Michael. 1997. 'Buried and (P)Raised: Joseph Brodsky, William Peter and the Anglo-Irish Union'. Textual Practice (, 11(2), pp. 275-284. ISSN 0950-236X [Article]

Simpson, Michael. 1997. 'Hyped Text: The Rhetoric of Virtual Space in Critical Prose'. Prose Studies , 20(3), pp. 79-105. ISSN 0144-0357 [Article]

Skeggs, Bev. 1997. Absolutely Fabulous and Textual Analysis. In: Christine Geraghty and David Lusted, eds. The Television Studies Book. London: Bloomsbury Academic , pp. 287-301. ISBN 978-0340662311 [Book Section]

Skeggs, Bev. 1997. Becoming a Modern 'Woman'. Cultural Studies , 11(3), pp. 489-492. ISSN 0950-2386 [Article]

Skeggs, Bev. 1997. Classifying Practices: Representations, Capitals and Recognitions. In: Pat Mahoney and Christine Zmroczek, eds. Class Matters: "Working Class" Women's Perspectives On Social Class. London: Taylor & Francis , pp. 123-140. ISBN 978-0748405404 [Book Section]

Sweeney, Carole. 1997. C.E. Gittings Imperialism and Gender and Bruce King ed. National And Postcolonial Literature. In: Jean Howard, Alan Sinfield and Lindsay Smith, eds. Textual Practice: Volume 11 Issue 2: Vol 11, Issue 2. Routledge, pp. 349-352. ISBN 978-0415161763 [Book Section]

Tarlo, Emma. 1997. "Married to the Mahatma: The Life and Predicament of Kasturba Gandhi". Women: A cultural Review. Special Issue, Independent India, 8(3), pp. 264-277. ISSN 0957-4042 [Article]

Vakil, Ardashir (Ardu). 1997. 'Beach Boy'. London: Hamish Hamilton Ltd. ISBN 0-241-13760-8 [Book]

Walsh, Bernard. 1997. On the Blink, Turnaround, Kids and Twins. In: "C.S.M. M.A. Fine Art Show", Central St Martins School of Art, London, United Kingdom. [Show/Exhibition]

Walsh, Bernard. 1997. 'What Do You Do?'. In: Eight Technologies of Otherness. ICA, London, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

d'Inverno, Mark, Fisher, Michael, Lomuscio, Alessio, Luck, Michael, De Rijke, Maarten, Ryan, Mark and Wooldridge, Michael. 1997. Formalisms for multi-agent systems. The Knowledge Engineering Review, 12(03), pp. 315-321. [Article]

d'Inverno, Mark and Hu, Michael. 1997. 'A Z specification of the soft-link hypertext model'. In: ZUM '97: The Z Formal Specification Notation. Reading, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

d'Inverno, Mark and Luck, Michael. 1997. 'Development and application of a formal agent framework '. In: Proceedings First IEEE International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods. Hiroshima, Japan. [Conference or Workshop Item]

d'Inverno, Mark and Luck, Michael. 1997. Making and breaking engagements: An operational analysis of agent relationships. In: Chengqi Zhang and Dickson Lukose, eds. Multi-Agent Systems Methodologies and Applications. 1286 Berlin, Germany: Springer, pp. 48-62. ISBN 9783540634126 [Book Section]

d'Inverno, Mark, Luck, Michael and Wooldridge, Michael. 1997. Cooperation Structures. In: Martha E. Pollack, ed. IJCAI '97 : Proceedings of the fifteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Nagoya, Japan, August 23-29, 1997. San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufmann, pp. 600-605. ISBN 9781558604803 [Book Section]

d'Inverno, Mark, Priestley, Mark and Luck, Michael. 1997. A Formal Framework for Hypertext Systems. Software Engineering. IEE Proceedings, 144(3), pp. 175-184. ISSN 1364-5080 [Article]

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