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Art Object

Bedwell, Simon A., Thompson, Amelia and Russell, John. 1998. Fax-Back. [Art Object]


Anim-Addo, Joan. 1998. “Another Doorway? Black Women Writing The Museum Experience”. Journal of Museum Ethnography(10), pp. 93-104. ISSN 0954–7169 [Article]

Day, Sophie E., Ward, H., Ison, Catherine, Bell, Gina and Weber, J. 1998. 'Sexual Networks: The Integration of Social and Genetic Data'. Social Science and Medicine , 47(12), pp. 1981-1992. ISSN 0277-9536 [Article]

Doern, Rachel and Kates, Steven. 1998. The social meanings of drinking: Strengthening the social bonds of restaurant employees. Advances in Consumer Research, 25, pp. 481-485. ISSN 0098-9258 [Article]

Fox, Elaine and Fockert, Jan W. de. 1998. Negative priming depends on prime–probe similarity: Evidence for episodic retrieval. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 5, pp. 107-113. [Article]

Grayson, Richard S.. 1998. Mods, Rockers, and Juvenile Delinquency in 1964: The Government Response. Contemporary British History, 12(1), pp. 19-47. [Article]

Gruzelier, John. 1998. A working model of the neurophysiology of hypnosis: a review of evidence. Contemporary Hypnosis, 15(1), pp. 5-23. ISSN 0960-5290 [Article]

Harper, Andy. 1998. Featured artist in Tank. Tank, 2, [Article]

Heaton, Pam F., Hermelin, Beate and Pring, Linda. 1998. Autism and pitch processing: a precursor for savant musical ability? Music Perception, 15(3), pp. 291-305. ISSN 0730-7829 [Article]

Hill, Elisabeth L. and Bishop, Dorothy V.. 1998. A Reaching Test Reveals Weak Hand Preference in Specific Language Impairment and Developmental Co-ordination Disorder. Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition, 3(4), pp. 295-310. ISSN 1357-650X [Article]

Hill, Elisabeth L., Bishop, Dorothy V. and Nimmo-Smith, Ian. 1998. Representational gestures in Developmental Coordination Disorder and specific language impairment: Error-types and the reliability of ratings. Human Movement Science, 17(4-5), pp. 655-678. ISSN 0167-9457 [Article]

Lee, LC, Collis, JC, Binmore, K, Vulcan, N, van Eijk, RM, de Boer, FS, van der Hoek, W, Meyer, JJ Ch, Padget, J, Bradford, R, d'Inverno, Mark, Luck, Michael and Fisher, Michael. 1998. Foundations of Multi-Agent systems: techniques, tools and theory. The Knowledge Engineering Review, pp. 297-302. [Article]

Morris, Brian. 1998. 'Matriliny and Mother Goddess Religion'. Journal of Contemporary Religion, 13(1), pp. 91-102. ISSN 1353-7903 [Article]

Rao, Nirmala. 1998. The recruitment of representatives in British local government: pathways and barriers. Policy & Politics, 26(3), pp. 291-305. ISSN 0305-5736 [Article]

Wright, Chris. 1998. ‘The Third Subject: perspectives on visual anthropology’. Anthropology Today , 14(4), pp. 16-22. ISSN 0268540X [Article]

d'Inverno, Mark and Luck, Michael. 1998. Engineering AgentSpeak(L): A formal computational model. Journal of Logic and Computation, 8(3), pp. 233-260. ISSN 0955-792X [Article]


Anim-Addo, Joan. 1998. Haunted by History: Poetry. London: Mango Publishing. ISBN 978-1902294032 [Book]

Dunwoodie, Peter. 1998. Writing French Algeria. Oxford: Clarendon Press. ISBN 978-0-19-815972-8 [Book]

Johnstone, Stephen and Ellard, Graham. 1998. Passagen (Electric art) CD-ROM. Ellipsis Architectural Press/Film and Video Umbrella, with assistance from the Arts Council of England. ISBN 9781899858163 [Book]

Keown, Damien V.. 1998. Buddhism and Abortion. University of Hawai'i Press . ISBN 978-0824821081 [Book]

Nash, Kate. 1998. Universal Difference: Feminism and the Liberal Undecidability of "Women". Basingstoke : Macmillan. ISBN 0-312-21004-3 [Book]

Shukra, Kalbir. 1998. The changing pattern of Black politics in Britain. London: Pluto Press. ISBN 978-0745314600 [Book]

Book Section

Anim-Addo, Joan. 1998. Anguish and The Absurd: "Key Moments," Recreated Lives and the Emergence of New Figures of Black Womanhood in the Narrative Works of Beryl Gilroy. In: Adele S. Newson and Linda Strong-Leek, eds. Winds of Change : The Transforming Voices of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars. New York: Peter Lang, pp. 131-144. ISBN 9780820437156 [Book Section]

Boldrini, Lucia. 1998. The Artist Paring His Quotations: Aesthetic and Ethical Implications of the Dantean Intertext in Dubliners. In: Harold Mosher and Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli, eds. Re-Joycing: New Readings of Joyce’s Dubliners. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, pp. 228-246. ISBN 0813120578 [Book Section]

Boldrini, Lucia. 1998. The Rule of Analogy and Contrappasso: Babel, Dante, Joyce and the Redemption of Language. In: Clive Hart, George Sandulescu, Bonnie Kime Scott and Fritz Senn, eds. Images of Joyce: Proceedings of the XII International James Joyce Symposium. 1 Gerrards Cross: Colin Smythe, pp. 183-187. ISBN 0861404092 [Book Section]

Campbell, Kirsten. 1998. Theorizing Possibility: Julia Kristeva and Feminist Epistemology. In: John Lechte and M Zoumazi, eds. After the Revolution: On Julia Kristeva. Sydney: Artspace, pp. 159-169. ISBN 9781876017378 [Book Section]

Desmarais, Jane H.. 1998. Maria Edgeworth 1768-1849. In: Joanne Shattock, ed. The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature Volume 4. 1800–1900. 4 Cambridge University Press, pp. 901-907. ISBN 9780521391009 [Book Section]

London, John. 1998. Algunos montajes de Calderón en el Tercer Reich. In: Manfred Tietz, ed. Texto e imagen en Calderón: undécimo coloquio anglogermano sobre Calderón: St Andrews, Escocia, 17-20 de julio de 1996. 8 Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, pp. 143-157. ISBN 3515072152 [Book Section]

Luck, Michael and d'Inverno, Mark. 1998. Motivated Behaviour for Goal Adoption. In: Chenqi Zhang and Dickson Lukose, eds. Multi-Agent Systems. Theories, Languages and Applications. 1544 Berlin, Germany: Springer, pp. 58-73. ISBN 9783540654773 [Book Section]

Nugent, Stephen. 1998. ‘Verging on the Marginal: Modern Amazonian Peasantries. In: Sophie E. Day, Akis Papataxiarchis and Michael Stewart, eds. Lilies Of The Field: Marginal People Who Live For The Moment (Studies in the Ethnographic Imagination). Oxford: Westview Press , pp. 179-195. ISBN 978-0813335315 [Book Section]

Redgate, Roger. 1998. Michael Finnissy: The Chamber Music, in Uncommon Ground: The Music of Michael Finnissy. In: Henrietta Brougham, Christopher Fox and Ian Pace, eds. Uncommon Ground: The Music of Michael Finnissy. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 135-168. ISBN ISBN 1 85928365 X [Book Section]

Shukra, Kalbir. 1998. New Labour Debates and Dilemmas. In: , ed. Race and British Electoral Politics. London: UCL Press, pp. 117-144. ISBN 978-1-85728-830-8 [Book Section]

Tubridy, Derval U.. 1998. Vain Reasonings: Not I. In: Jennifer Jeffers, ed. Samuel Beckett: A Casebook. New York and London: Garland, pp. 111-131. ISBN 0815325517 [Book Section]

d'Inverno, Mark, Kinney, D. and Luck, Michael. 1998. Interaction protocols in Agentis. In: Bob Werner, ed. International Conference on Multi Agent Systems, 1998. Proceedings. Washington, D.C.: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, pp. 112-119. ISBN 081868500X [Book Section]

d'Inverno, Mark, Kinny, David, Luck, Michael and Wooldridge, Michael. 1998. A formal specification of dMARS. In: Munindar P. Singh, Anand Rao and Michael J. Wooldridge, eds. Intelligent Agents IV: Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages. 1365 Berlin, Germany: Springer, pp. 155-176. ISBN 9783540641629 [Book Section]


Conference or Workshop Item

Walsh, Bernard and Greenhill, Joanna. 1998. 'The Alternative Tool/No Man is an Island'. In: Making into Writing . University of Plymouth, Exeter, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Edited Book

Day, Sophie E., Papataxiarchis, Evthymios , Stewart, Michael and Papataxiarchis, Akis, eds. 1998. Lilies of the Field: Marginal People Who Live for the Moment,. Westview Press Inc. ISBN 978-0813335315 [Edited Book]

Hutnyk, John and Kaur, Raminder, eds. 1998. Travel Worlds: Journeys in Contemporary Cultural Politics. Zed books. ISBN 9781856495622 [Edited Book]

Dunwoodie, Peter and Hughes, Edward J., eds. 1998. Constructing Memories: Camus, Algeria and 'Le Premier Homme'. Stirling: Stirling French Studies. ISBN 1-85769-0559 [Edited Book]


Hickey Moody, Anna. 1998. The Flight. In: "The Flight,The Space Theatre", Festival Centre, South Australia, Australia. [Performance]


Junger, M, West, R, Train, H, Pickering, Alan, Taylor, E and West, A. 1998. Childhood accidents and their relationship with problem behaviour. Technical Report. Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, London.


Walsh, Bernard. 1998. What do you do?: video . In: "Pandemonium: London Festival of Moving Images", The Lux Centre, Hoxton Square, London, United Kingdom. [Show/Exhibition]


Grist, Nicola. 1998. LOCAL POLITICS IN THE SURU VALLEY OF NORTHERN INDIA. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London. [Thesis]

d'Inverno, Mark. 1998. Agents, Agency and Autonomy: A Formal Computational Model. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London. [Thesis]

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