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Anderson, Jim. 2008. The initial teacher education of teachers of Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Punjabi and Urdu at Goldsmiths, University of London. In: Charmian Kenner and Tina Hickey, eds. Multilingual Europe: diversity and learning. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books, pp. 152-157. ISBN 978-185856-423-4 [Book Section]

Anderson, Jim; Gregory, Eve E. and Kenner, Charmian. 2008. The National Languages Strategy in the UK: are minority languages still on the margins? In: Christine Herlot and Anne-Marie de Mejia, eds. Forging Multilingual Spaces: Integrating Perspectives on Majority and Minority Bilingual Education (Bilingual Education and Bilingualism). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, pp. 183-202. ISBN 978-1847690753 [Book Section]

Anderson, Jim and Pillai, S. 2008. Connections in cyberspace: implications for Tamil diasporic communities. In: Charmian Kenner and Tina Hickey, eds. Multilingual Europe: Diversity and Learning. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books Ltd, pp. 33-37. ISBN 978-1858564234 [Book Section]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2008. Autobiograpical Negotiation in Selected Novels by Beryl Gilroy and Joan Riley: Black Women Narrating the Post-Windrush Self. In: Marta Sofia Lopez, ed. Afroeurope@ns, Cultures and Identities. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 156-166. ISBN 978-1847185020 [Book Section]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2008. Towards a Post-Western Humanism Made to the Measure of Those Recently Recognized as Human. In: Mina Karavanta and Nina Morgan, eds. Edward Said and Jacques Derrida: Reconstellating Humanism and the Global Hybrid. New Castle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 250-273. ISBN 9781847186164 [Book Section]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2008. “We Sleeping Volcanoes; We Women”: Writing Self, Memory and Diaspora. In: Wolfgang Zach and Michael Kenneally, eds. Imoinda or She Who Will Lose Her Name. Stauffenburg Verlag Brigitte, pp. 253-260. [Book Section]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2008. “We Sleeping Volcanoes; We Women”: Writing Self, Memory and Diaspora in Imoinda or She Who Will Lose Her Name. In: Wolfgang Zach and Michael Kenneally, eds. Literatures in English : Prioritie s of Research. Tübingen: Stauffenburg, pp. 253-260. ISBN 978-3-86057-321-1 [Book Section]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2008. Women Activists against Enslavement. In: Arthur Torrington; Rita McLean; Victoria Osborne and Ian Grosvenor, eds. Equiano: Enslavement, Resistance & Abolition. London: Equiano Society and Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery, pp. 70-77. ISBN 9780709302575 [Book Section]

Antunes, Rui Filipe and Leymarie, Frederic Fol. 2008. xTNZ - a three-dimensional ecosystem. In: Alvaro Barbosa, ed. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Digital Art (ARTECH). Poro, Portugal: UNSPECIFIED, pp. 201-204. [Book Section]

Archer, Michael. 2008. No Man's Time: Material Fantasies. In: , ed. theanyspacewhatever. New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, pp. 116-122. ISBN 978-0-89207-377-1 [Book Section]

Archer, Michael. 2008. One and the Same. In: , ed. POLITICAL/MINIMAL. Nürnberg: Verlag für moderne Kunst, pp. 127-137. ISBN 978-3-941185-07-4 [Book Section]

Baily, John S.. 2008. Ethnomusicology, Intermusability, and Performance Practice. In: Henry Stobart, ed. The New (Ethno)musicologies. Chicago: Scarecrow Press, pp. 117-134. [Book Section]

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Blinder, Caroline. 2008. All things Either Good or Ungood: American Pictures Revisited in Jacob Holdt’s United States 1970-1975. In: Brett Rogers, ed. Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2008. London: Photographers' Gallery, pp. 69-72. ISBN 978-0907879831 [Book Section]

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Boucher, Andy. 2008. Make of it what you will. In: , ed. Nowhere/NowHere: Investigating New Lines of Enquiry in Contemporary Design. Spain: Fundacion La Laboral, Centro de Art y Creacion Industrial, pp. 170-173. ISBN 978-8461266746 [Book Section]

Campbell, Jim and Duffy, J.. 2008. ‘Social work, political violence and citizenship in Northern Ireland’. In: Ramon Shulamit, ed. Social Work in Political Conflict. Birmingham: Venture/BASW, 0-10. ISBN 978-1861780805 [Book Section]

Caplan, Pat. 2008. ‘Understanding difference, seeking transcendence: some personal reflections on a career in anthropology’. In: J. Kelso, ed. The Tao of Anthropology. University Press of Florida. ISBN 0813032628, 978-0813032627 [Book Section]

Cassidy, Rebecca. 2008. ‘Symbols and symbolism: animal’. In: John Middleton and Joseph C Miller, eds. New Encyclopaedia of Africa. Charles Scribner’s Sons. ISBN 978-0684314549 [Book Section]

Chen, Yang Guang and Barradas, O. 2008. How Portugese and Chinese community schools in London support educational achievement. In: Charmian Kenner and Anna Hickey Moody, eds. Multilingual Europe: Diversity and Learning. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books. ISBN 978-1858564234 [Book Section]

Chilver, John. 2008. Painting and Its Strata: Sub, Super, etc. In: , ed. Superstratum. Antwerp: Koraalberg Gallery, pp. 3-5. ISBN 9789079874002 [Book Section]

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Couldry, Nick. 2008. Actor Network Theory and Media: Do They Connect and On What Terms? In: Andreas Hepp, ed. Connectivity, Networks and Flows: Conceptualizing Contemporary Communications. The Hampton Press, pp. 93-110. ISBN 978-1-57273-857-7 [Book Section]

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Downie, Alan (J. A.). 2008. “Gulliver’s Fourth Voyage and Locke’s Essay concerning Human Understanding”. In: , ed. Reading Swift: Papers from the Fifth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift. Munich, Germany: Wilhelm Fink, pp. 453-464. ISBN 978-3-7705-4402-8 [Book Section]

Downie, Alan (J. A.). 2008. “Gulliver’s Travels, the Contemporary Debate on the Financial Revolution, and the Bourgeois Public Sphere”. In: , ed. Money, Power, and Print: Interdisciplinary Studies on the Financial Revolution in the British Isles. Newark, Delaware: University of Delaware Press, pp. 115-134. ISBN 978-0-87413-027-0 [Book Section]

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Dryden, Windy. 2008. Tailoring your counselling approach to different clients. In: Windy Dryden and Andrew Reeves, eds. Key Issues for Counselling in Action. London: Sage, pp. 117-131. ISBN 978-1-429-4699-5 [Book Section]

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García Düttmann, Alexander. 2008. Die Sichtbarmachung der Armut [Making Poverty Visible]. In: Eva Geulen; Kai Kauffmann and Georg Mein, eds. Hannah Arendt - Giorgio Agamben: Parallelen Perspektiven Kontroversen. Munich: Wilhelm Fink, pp. 119-129. ISBN 978377054529-2 [Book Section]

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Krause, Monika; Nolan, Mary; Palm, Michael and Ross, Andrew. 2008. Introduction. In: Monika Krause; Mary Nolan; Michael Palm and Andrew Ross, eds. The University against itself: The NYU Strike and the Future of the Academic Workplace. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, pp. 1-15. ISBN 1592137415 [Book Section]

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[img] [img]
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