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Ahmed, Sara. 2002. The Contingency of Pain. Parallax, 8(1), pp. 17-34. [Article]

Ahmed, Sara. 2002. This Other and Other Others. Economy and Society, 31(4), pp. 558-572. ISSN 03085147 [Article]

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Barnett, Pennina. 2002. Collection: Pennina Barnett interviews Wiebke Siem. n. paradoxa, international feminist art journal, 9, pp. 5-14. ISSN 14610434 [Article]

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Berry, Josephine. 2002. Bare Code: Net Art and the Free Software Movement’. on the occasion of the NetArtCommons exhibition, Gallery 9/ Walker Art, [Article]

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Campbell, Kirsten. 2002. The Politics of Kinship: Antigone’s Claim. Economy and Society, 31(4), pp. 642-650. ISSN 0308-5147 [Article]

Canova-Green, Marie-Claude. 2002. Les Triomphes de Louis le Juste (1649): une une épopée du discontinu. Seventeenth-Century French Studies, 24, pp. 29-41. ISSN 02651068 [Article]

Cassidy, Rebecca. 2002. The Social Practice of Racehorse Breeding. Society and Animals, 10(2), pp. 155-171. ISSN 1063-1119 [Article]

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Cohen, Josh. 2002. ‘“A Different Insignificance”: The Poet and the Witness in Agamben’. Paragraph: A Journal of Modern Critical Theory, 25(2), pp. 36-51. ISSN 0264-8334 [Article]

Cohen, Josh. 2002. ‘Philosophy and the Holocaust: Representing, Remembering, Thinking’. Jewish Quarterly, 49(3), pp. 73-74. ISSN 0449-010X [Article]

Cohen, Josh. 2002. RELIGION AGAINST POLITICS: Versions of the State in modern Jewish thought. Jewish Quarterly, 49(4), pp. 23-28. ISSN 0449-010X [Article]

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