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Abbing, Hans; Lind, Maria; Stapleton, Jamie and Malik, Suhail. 2007. ''New money' discussion panel'. In: Rotterdam dialogues: the periphery complex [symposium]. Witte de With, Rotterdam, Netherlands 8th February 2007. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Abrams, Dominic; Rutland, Adam; Cameron, Lindsey and Ferrell, Jennifer M.. 2007. Older but Wilier: Ingroup accountability and the development of subjective group dynamics. Developmental Psychology, 43, pp. 134-148. ISSN 0012-1649 [Article]

Abse, Toby. 2007. The Moro Affair: Interpretations and Consequences. In: S. Gundle and L. Rinaldi, eds. Assassinations and Murder in Modern Italy Transformations in Society and Culture. Palgrave MacMillan, pp. 89-100. ISBN 1403983917 [Book Section]

Abtan, Freida. 2007. Heartstrings: A String Quartet. Sample Culture, Vague Terrain Online Journal of Digital Culture(7), [Article]

Adams, Jeff N. P.. 2007. Artists Becoming Teachers: Expressions of Identity Transformation in a Virtual Forum. International Journal of Art & Design Education, 26(3), pp. 264-273. ISSN 14768062 [Article]

Adams, Tessa. 2007. Psychoanalytic Framing of the Art Object as Narcissistic Agency. In: A. Gaitanidis and P. Curk, eds. Narcissism: A Critical Reader. Karnac, pp. 147-166. ISBN 9781855754539 [Book Section]

Ahmed, Sara. 2007. 'Declarations of Whiteness: The Non-Performativity of Anti-Racism'. In: Damien W Riggs, ed. Taking Up the Challenge: Critical Race and Whiteness Studies in a Postcolonising Nation. Adelaide: Crawford House Publishers. ISBN 978-1863333122 [Book Section]

Ahmed, Sara. 2007. The Language of Diversity. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 30(2), pp. 235-256. ISSN 0141-9870 [Article]

Ahmed, Sara. 2007. A Phenomenology of Whiteness. Feminist Theory, 8(2), pp. 149-168. ISSN 1464-7001 [Article]

Ahrens, Thomas and Mollona, Massimiliano. 2007. Organisational control as cultural practice: a shop floor ethnography of a Sheffield steel mill. Accounting Organizations and Society, 32(4-5), pp. 305-331. ISSN 03613682 [Article]

Ajaykumar. 2007. Radio play. [Audio]

Alexander, Sally A.. 2007. Eleanor Marx's Political Legacy - self sacrifice or self-realisation? Women s History Review, 16(4), pp. 595-616. ISSN 09612025 [Article]

Alexander, Sally A.. 2007. A New Civilisation? London Surveyed 1928-40. History Workshop Journal, 64(1), pp. 297-320. ISSN 13633554 [Article]

Alexander, Sally A.. 2007. The Witch and the Child: Women's Historical Writing and the Unconscious. Women a Cultural Review, 18(3), pp. 327-344. ISSN 14701367 [Article]

Alleyne, Brian. 2007. Anti-racist cultural politics in post-imperial Britain: the New Beacon Circle. In: , ed. Utopian Pedagogy: Radical Experiments Against Neoliberal Globalization. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp. 207-226. ISBN 9780802086754 [Book Section]

Ambrosio, Marco. 2007. “Action Research for Active Tutorials”. Through the Looking Glass, 2(2), pp. 87-93. [Article]

Anderson, Jim; Ali, K and Syed, H. 2007. Curriculum Guide for Urdu. CILT, The National Centre for Languages, London. [Other]

Anderson, Jim; Chandla, N and Grewal, P. 2007. Curriculum Guide for Panjabi. CILT, The National Centre for Languages, London, London. [Other]

Anderson, Jim; Pillai, S and Nithiya, K. 2007. Curriculum Guide for Tamil. CILT, The National Centre for Languages, London. [Other]

Anderson, Jim; Saffaf, Sawsan and Abdel-Hay, Nazek. 2007. Curriculum Guide for Arabic. CILT, The National Centre for Languages, London. [Other]

Anderson, Jim; Thompson, A; Lee, E and Li, K. 2007. Curriculum Guide for Chinese. CILT, The National Centre for Languages, London. [Other]

Andrews, Jorella G.. 2007. 'Appearance is Everything: Phenomenology, art and critical enquiry'. In: Institut für Kultur und Kunstwissenschaften. Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Andrews, Jorella G.. 2007. 'Phenomenologies/Perceptions/Interpretations'. In: International Association for Philosophy and Literature Conference. University of Cyprus. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Andrews, Jorella G.. 2007. Vision, Violence and the Other: A Merleau-Pontean Ethics. In: G. Weiss and D. Olkowski, eds. Feminist Interpretations of Merleau-Ponty. Penn State University Press, pp. 167-182. ISBN 027102917X [Book Section]

Andrews, Jorella G. and Osborne, Peter. 2007. 'Critical Materialities'. In: Day Seminar: Research and the matter of art: ‘Thinking by Doing’ and a Materialist’s Method. Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom 21 February 2007. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2007. The Black Woman as Subject and Object in Britain from 1507. In: Joan Anim-Addo and Suzanne Scafe, eds. I AM BLACK/ WHITE/ YELLOW: An Introduction to the Black Body in Europe. London: Mango Publishing, pp. 17-36. ISBN 978902294186 [Book Section]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2007. Inventing the Self: An introduction to the Black Woman Subject/Object in Britain from 1507. In: Joan Anim-Addo and Suzanne Scafe, eds. I am Black, White, Yellow: An Introduction to the Black Body in Europe. London: Mango Publishing, pp. 17-36. ISBN 978-1902294315 [Book Section]

Anim-Addo, Joan. 2007. Touching The Body: History, Language and African-Caribbean Women’s Writing. London: Mango Publishing. ISBN 9781902294230 [Book]

Atkinson, Dennis. 2007. Pedagogy against the state: some remarks upon events of learning. Access: critical perspectives on communication, culture and policy studies, 26(2), pp. 45-57. ISSN 01118889 [Article]


Bachmann, Goetz. 2007. Alle im Ather. Volksfreundschaft in der deutschen Radiotheorie der 1920er und 1930er Jahre und im New Yorker Radio Project. In: B. Warneken, ed. Volksfreunde. TVV Untersuchungen des LUI, p. 25. ISBN 3932512383 [Book Section]

Back, Les. 2007. The Art of Listening. Berg. ISBN 9781845201210 [Book]

Back, Les. 2007. Written in Stone: Black writing and Goldsmiths College. Sociology Working Papers, pp. 1-11. [Article]

Baily, John S.. 2007. 'The circulation of ‘New Music’ between Afghanistan and its transnational community'. In: Conference on Music in the world of Islam. Assilah, Morocco 8-13 August 2007. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Banissy, Michael J. and Ward, Jamie. 2007. Mirror-touch synesthesia is linked with empathy. Nature neuroscience, 10(7), pp. 815-6. ISSN 1097-6256 [Article]

Barnett, Pennina. 2007. Chohreh Feyzdjou: Tout art est en exil: Pennina Barnett interviews Anne Cadenet. n. paradoxa, international feminist art journal, 20, pp. 83-87. ISSN 14610434 [Article]

Beaver, Jacob; Boucher, Andy and Pennington, Sarah. 2007. The Curious Home. London: Goldmiths University of London. ISBN 1904158811 [Book]

Bedwell, Simon A.. 2007. The Furnishers. In: "The Furnishers", White Columns, 1/10/2007 - 2/11/2007. [Show/Exhibition]

Bell, Vikki. 2007. ''Aesthetics, Politics and Potentiality: Contemporary Art in Northern Ireland and Argentina''. In: Humanities Symposium Columbia University. New York, United States February 2007. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Bell, Vikki. 2007. 'On Wendy McMurdo's 'Wrecks of Scapa''. FOAM Photography Magazine, 10, [Article]

Bell, Vikki. 2007. Performativity Challenged? Creativity and the Return of Interiority. In: , ed. Culture and Performance. Oxford: Berg, pp. 97-120. ISBN 9781845201050 [Book Section]

Bell, Vikki. 2007. 'Rita Duffy: Cuchulain Comforted'. Exhibition catalogue essay MCAC: Portadown, [Article]

Bell, Vikki and Di Paolantonio, Mario. 2007. ''Aesthetics, Law and the Nomos: Artworks in Transitional Argentina''. In: International Conference and Joint Annual Meetings of the Law and Society Association and the Research Committee on Sociology of Law 'Law and Society in the 21st Century' Humboldt University. Berlin, Germany July 2007. [Conference or Workshop Item]

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Bengry, Justin. 2007. Review of The Cut of His Coat: Men, Dress, and Consumer Culture in Britain, 1860–1914 by Brent Shannon. The Journal of British Studies, 46(03), pp. 709-710. ISSN 0021-9371 [Article]

Bergström, Zara M.; Velmans, Max; De Fockert, J. W. and Richardson-Klavehn, Alan. 2007. ERP evidence for successful voluntary avoidance of conscious recollection. Brain Research, 1151, pp. 119-133. ISSN 0006-8993 [Article]

Berry, Josephine. 2007. ‘Un-deleting the World: Art at the Poles’. In: Jonty Tarbuck and Matt Hearn, eds. This Will Not Happen Without You: From the Collective Archive of the Basement Group, Projects UK and Locus+ (1977-2007). Locus+. ISBN 978-1899377251 [Book Section]

Besson, Jean. 2007. Review of Negotiating Caribbean freedom: peasants and the state in development by Michaeline A. Crichlow. Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews, 36(4), pp. 360-361. ISSN 0094-3061 [Article]

Besson, Jean. 2007. ‘Squatting’ as a strategy for land settlement and sustainable development. In: Jean Besson and Janet Momsen, eds. Caribbean land and development revisited. New York: Palgrave, pp. 135-146. ISBN 9780230261242 [Book Section]

Besson, Jean and Momsen, Janet. 2007. Introduction. In: Jean Besson and Janet Momsen, eds. Caribbean land and development revisited. New York: Palgrave, pp. 1-14. ISBN 9780230261242 [Book Section]

Bhatt, Chetan. 2007. Frontlines and interstices in the Global War on Terror. Development and Change, 38, pp. 1073-1093. ISSN 14677660 [Article]

Bird, Jon; d'Inverno, Mark and Prophet, Jane. 2007. Net Work: an interactive artwork designed using an interdisciplinary performative approach. Digital Creativity, 18(1), pp. 11-23. ISSN 1462-6268 [Article]

Birke, Lynda; Arluke, Arnold and Michael, Mike. 2007. The Sacrifice: How Scientific Experiments Transform Animals and People. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press. ISBN 1557534322 [Book]

Birnbaum, David; Xin Wei, Sha; Abtan, Freida and Wanderley, Marcelo M.. 2007. 'Mapping and Dimensionality of a Cloth-based Sound Instrument.'. In: Proceedings of the 4th Sound and Music Computing Conference. Lefkada, Greece. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Bishop, Mark (J. M.). 2007. Stochastic diffusion search. Scholarpedia, 2(8), p. 3101. [Article]

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Blas, Zach. 2007. Queer Technologies. [Art Object]

Blommaert, J; Street, Brian and Turner, Joan. 2007. Academic literacies – what have we achieved and where to from here? Journal of Applied Linguistics, 4(1), pp. 137-148. ISSN 1479-7887 [Article]

Boldrini, Lucia. 2007. 'Keeping our nerve': Scientific and historical paradigms in John Banville's Doctor Copernicus. Primerjalna Knjizevnost, 30, pp. 141-157. ISSN 0351-1189 [Article]

Boldrini, Lucia. 2007. Literature and Science. Full Stop? Colloquium Helveticum, 37, pp. 55-72. ISSN 01793780 [Article]

Boldrini, Lucia. 2007. Review of Emily Apter, The Translation Zone: A New Comparative Literature. Textual Practice, 21(1), pp. 155-159. ISSN 0950236X [Article]

Boucher, Andy; Bowers, John; Gaver, William; Jarvis, Nadine; Law, Andy; Pennington, Sarah; Wilkie, Alex and Kerridge, Tobie. 2007. The Curious Home. In: "The Curious Home", Pacific Playhouse, London, United Kingdom, 29 June to 15 July 2007. [Show/Exhibition]

Boucher, Andy; Gaver, William; Bowers, John; Law, Andy; Pennington, Sarah and Jarvis, Nadine. 2007. The Plane Tracker. In: "Wired NestFest 2007", Los Angeles Convention Center, United States, September 14 -16 2007. [Show/Exhibition]

Bremner, Andrew J.; Bryant, P. E.; Mareschal, Denis and Volein, A.. 2007. Recognition of complex object-centred spatial configurations in early infancy. Visual Cognition, 15(8), pp. 896-926. ISSN 1350-6285 [Article]

Bremner, Andrew J.; Mareschal, Denis; Destrebecqz, Arnaud and Cleeremans, Axel. 2007. Cognitive control of sequential knowledge in 2-year-olds: evidence from an incidental sequence-learning and generation-task. Psychological Science, 18(3), pp. 261-266. ISSN 0956-7976 [Article]

Brooker, Julie; Cullum, Michael; Gilroy, Andrea; McCombe, Brian; Mahony, Jacky; Ringrose, Kate; Russell, Denise; Smart, Louise; Zweigbergk, Britta von and Waldman, Judith. 2007. The use of art work in art psychotherapy with people who are prone to psychotic states: an evidence-based clinical practice guideline. London: Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and Goldsmiths. ISBN 978-1-904158-78-3 [Book]

Brown, Christopher; Meyerwitz-Katz, J. and Ryde, J.. 2007. Thinking with Image Making: Supervising Student Art Therapists. In: Joy Schaverien and Caroline Case, eds. Supervision of Art Psychotherapy A Theoretical and Practical Handbook. Routledge, pp. 167-181. ISBN 9780415409612 [Book Section]

Buckley, Bernadette. 2007. 'Samar Asamoah’. [Exhibition Catalogue]

Butt, Gavin. 2007. Stop that Acting!: Performance and Authenticity in Shirley Clarke's Portrait of Jason. In: K. Mercer, ed. Pop Art and Vernacular Cultures. MIT Press / InIVA, pp. 36-55. ISBN 9781899846443 [Book Section]


Cameron, Lindsey; Rutland, Adam and Brown, Rupert. 2007. Promoting children’s positive intergroup attitudes towards stigmatized groups: Extended contact and multiple classification skills training. International Journal of Behaviorial Development, 31(5), pp. 454-466. ISSN 0165-0254 [Article]

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Casey, Michael A. and Grierson, Mick. 2007. 'Soundspotter and Remix-TV: Fast Approxmate Matching for Audio-Visual Performance'. In: International Computer Music Conference. Copenhagen, Denmark. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Casey, Michael A. and Slaney, M.. 2007. 'Fast Recognition of Remixed Music Audio'. In: IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP). HI, United States. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Cassar, Ignaz. 2007. 'Showing Expectations: Curating, Authorship, and the Practices of Institutional Policies'. In: Symposium 'Chances and Challenges'. University of Leeds, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Cassar, Ignaz. 2007. 'Viewed from Behind: The Image’s Doppelgänger'. In: Conference 'Screen/Space: The Projected Image in Contemporary Art'. University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Cassidy, Rebecca. 2007. Blood "Bon sang me saurait mentir". Reproduction d'hommes et de chevaux Newmarket. Ethnologie Française, 37(2), pp. 233-242. ISSN 00462616 [Article]

Cassidy, Rebecca. 2007. Book Review: 'Gambling and survival in native North America' by Paul Pasquaretta. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 13(3), pp. 753-754. ISSN 1359-0987 [Article]

Cassidy, Rebecca. 2007. Horse People: thoroughbred culture in Lexington and Newmarket. Johns Hopkins University Press. ISBN 0801887038 [Book]

Cassidy, Rebecca. 2007. 'Le pur-sang dans la course, de Newmarket au Kentucky'. In: Daniel Roche; Daniel Reytier; Nicole de Blomac and Michel Constantini, eds. A cheval! Ecuyer, amazons & cavaliers. Association pour l'academie d'art equestre de Versailles. ISBN 978-2913018037 [Book Section]

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Chang, Ming-Ching; Leymarie, Frederic Fol and Kimia, Benjamin B.. 2007. 'Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds by Transforming the Medial Scaffold'. In: Sixth International Conference on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling. Montreal. [Conference or Workshop Item]

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Conreen, Martin. 2007. Launch event ‘The Sound of Materials’. In: "Launch event ‘The Sound of Materials’", Tate Modern, United Kingdom. [Performance]

[img] [img]
Conreen, Martin; Laughlin, Z. and Miodownik, M.. 2007. Flesh. In: "Event in gallery space", Wellcome Trust, London, 09/11/2007. [Show/Exhibition]

[img] [img]
Conreen, Martin; Laughlin, Zoe and Miodownik, Mark. 2007. What Can The Matter Be?. [Audio]

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